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Wejdan Aboalkhoyour

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of NIGER

Birth Rate
63% of Niger's population is below the poverty line, which compared to Canada is very high.

Niger is in Western Africa and is bordered by Algeria and Libya to the
north,Nigeria and Benin to the south,Mali and
Burkina Faso to the West and finally Chad to the east.Niamey is the capital and largest city of the West African country Niger.
These are the coordinates of Niger:
16.1833° N, 9.6167° E
Population of Niger
Population: 16,899,327 (July 2013 est.)
Niger has an estimated population of 16,899,327
people,this was based on statistics from a census.
The population was estimated in July 2013.
However the population was estimated therefore
it is not accurate

Niger has a literacy rate
of 29% This is very low compared to Canada and many other country's.
In Niger Primary education
is compulsory for only 6 years
46.84 babies are born each year for every 1000 people in the country

Infant Mortality Rate
the number of deaths of infants under one year old in a given year per 1,000 live births in the same year
Definition :
In Niger there are 87.98 deaths under the age of 1 per 1000
Death Rate
The Death Rate in niger is
13.07 deaths/1,000 population (2013 est.)
while in Canada the death rate is
8.2 deaths/1,000 population. There is a 5.05
difference between Canada and Niger's death
Life Expectancy

Niger has a life expectancy of
56.1 years in total.You can see the top 5 causes of death below.
1. Influenza & Pneumonia
2. Stroke
3.Diarrhoeal diseases
4. Coronary Heart Disease
5. Malaria
Niger's doubling time is in 23
years,which in my opinion is
really bad because that is very
quick for a country's entire population to be doubled in only 23 years.
Natural Increase
The rate of natural increase refers to the
difference between the number of live birth
and the number of deaths during the same
The natural increase in Niger per 1000
people is 36.4
My presentation is about an underdeveloped
country called Niger,not to be confused with
Nigeria.Niger is ranked 187th in the UN Human
Development Index,which compared to Canada
which is ranked 11th is very low.
Niger had about 12.69 people per square
kilometer in 2011

in 1961 there was actually
only 2.64 people per square kilometer

Literacy Rate
Poverty Rate
Articles about Niger
Fertility Rate

7.03 children are born on average per
women. (that's a lot)
gross Domestic product
the total value of goods
produced and services provided
in a country during one year.
Niger's gross domestic product is
6.568 billion in US Dollars
West African CFA franc is the currency of Niger
Niamey has the largest Mosque in the
country,The Grand Mosque of Niamey
- Niger is currently facing a hunger crisis.
The hunger crisis

More about Niger
- Majority of Niger lives on less than a dollar
a day!!!!
Cultural clothing of Niger
president of Niger
The palace of sultan is located in the second
largest city of Niger, Zinder.
Thanks for Listening
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