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Famous scientists web pages

No description

trista spitzer

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Famous scientists web pages

Work Experience
I am a scientist and worked with radioactivity.I discovered radium and polonium two radioactive elements.Discovered why radioactive elements glow(it's caused by changing atoms).(At the time atoms were thought to be stable and couldn't change.) I invented the x-ray machine.I also taught soliders in world war2 how to use it.
What I'm mainly known for.
Born in and live in

When I finished high-school at the top of the class I didn't have enough money to go to collage. So me and big sister made a deal:I would pay for her to go to college in France and when she was finished she would pay for me to go.I went to the university of France.
How I got interested in my work.
Marie curie's profile.
By: Trista Spitzer per1
Marie curie research project presentation.
Marie Curie
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