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oral on my cat

Lilia Piper

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Skelly

Skelly My Siamese Cat
Skelly is a Siamese mix. He has a sealpoint coat. Siamese cats like to meow because they are very vocal. Skelly likes to meow for attention and food. When we got him he started out very light. Only the tip of his nose and ears, his feet and tail were dark brown.
Siamese Cat
We have had Skelly for 7 years. He likes to play with feathers. He loves the laser pointer. But he likes sleeping the most. Sometimes he likes to be silly and play dress-up.
His Lifestyle
Skelly loves to cuddle with everyone. He makes you feel happy when he goes on your lap. The cutest thing he does is look at you with his huge blue eyes and roll over.
Loving Kitty
Skelly is an indoor cat, and is not allowed outside. Sometimes though, he feels daring and bolts outside. When he does he likes to hide in the bushes. Most of the time he stays indoors because other cats stress him out.
Where he Lives
Want a Cat?
If you want a cat, owning a cat is a big responsibility. Cats need to be fed in the morning, after school and maybe before bed. Brushing your cat is important ,if you don't it'll have hairballs. You will have to also decide of you want it to be indoor, or outdoor. If you want an outdoor cat you will need flea medicine. There are a lot of cats and kittens waiting to be adopted at Greenhill Humane Society. Thanks for listening to my oral report.
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