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Roswell conspiracy theory

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on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Roswell conspiracy theory

Roswell that ends well All's well in Roswell The Incident Small aliens at large? The conspiracy theory states that the Roswell "alien" came out of a small metal disk about this large ---->
If re-made, the "UFO" would probably be around 60cm diameter and have a surface area of about a small desk. Now what kind of "aliens" would be able to fit in such a small thing? A story filled with (black) holes Not believing the official story, the conspiracy theorists came up with their own. The aliens crashed into a ranch in Roswell, Mexico and received many injuries. The government was alerted and immediately came to the scene with doctors. The doctors healed up the aliens and then dissected them to find out about their body types. The government used this information to work with aliens to rule the world. The government now aware of the aliens existence, intercept any aliens coming to Earth and their technology Checkmate The "aliens" are supposedly all-powerful with super advanced technology able to power flying crafts at the speed of light using an infinite secret power source. If this is true, then why haven't they tried to take over yet? If they truly are working with the people from Earth, they should have a sense of human corruption, greed and strive for power by now like almost all humans do. Yet they haven't even shown up yet. Well, something that doesn't exist can't exactly sign autographs. by: Wilson Wang The Aliens Are Fake Over the years there have been numerous alien reports and sightings. People claiming to have seen aliens or have been abducted by our inter-galactic neighbors. Could we really be living in a world with extra terrestrials? Nope. These are all lies. Every one of them. The "aliens" are fake. These aliens are only products of human beliefs. They only exist and live in imaginations. The Roswell Conspiracy Theory is just that. A theory. A wrong theory. Nothing else out of the ordinary. Therefore, the theories can't be true. Just myths made and told to build up hype. They are just stories with many holes. The Roswell "Alien" never crashed or existed in the first place. In USA 1947, a "UFO" crashed near a ranch in Roswell, New Mexico. The government reported they had found a small metal disk at the crash site. later that day, the government changed their minds and realized it was actually just a secret weather balloon the "Mogul" that crashed. Some people don't believe it. They say there is no resemblance between the 2 possibilities and the government is just covering a slip-up. Can't you see? This
is this THE MANY POINT TIME-LINE Mac Brazel finds crash debris on his ranch July 3rd 1947 July 8th 1947 Mac Brazel informs the sheriff George Wilcox the wreckage and Wilcox calls the Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) Rumors of the Alien UFO rise in evening papers and government informs theorists that the crashed object is a weather balloon Now with the technology to create a convincing fake video, conspiracy theorists claim the weather balloon story is a hoax and that the original UFO story was true 1970 2013 Conspiracy theorists are still trying to convince everyone that it was a UFO at Roswell that time 2017 July 6th 1947 The RAAF confiscate the weather balloon for repairing and newspaper runs official version of the story This photo was of the Roswell Alien. An amazing picture that truly made you believe there was something out there. A truly good faked picture. Paper mache body with papery skin. But even if its a fake, still an amazing one. One that could make thousands believe that there were aliens out there. Maybe in a few years they could make.... ...this. See the similarity? over a few years all they learned to do was add colour
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