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Annex Teen Clinic

No description

Brooke Thomson

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Annex Teen Clinic

Thank You!
Mission: To support the young people of Northwest Hennepin County and North Minneapolis in the challenging transition from adolescence to adulthood through advocacy, health care, and education.
2013 Board of Directors:

Kelly Fries, Chair Kristen Kinney-Schulze
Martha Pakan, Vice Chair Maree Hampton
Winston Gordon, Secretary Sheila Nesbitt
Barry Schade, Treasurer Renee Gilmore
Katherine Ilten Jessica Jerney
Gretchen Griffin Sandy Naughton

Clinic served 1,684 clients for 3,649 visits.

Health Education provided fact-based information to 5,830 individuals.
Clinic Services include:
birth control, birth control information sessions, emergency contraception,
HIV testing, STI testing & treatment, MANnex Mondays with a male physician, pregnancy testing and all-options counseling, pelvic exams, pap smears, and colposcopies.

Health Education services include:
Community and classroom presentations, puberty education programs, trainings for professionals, and Teen Outreach Program (TOP), a 9-month youth development and service learning curricula.
2013 Financials
2013 Donors
Aislinn Warnke
Al Berg
Alexandria Linares
Aleichia Rowe
Allison West
Angie Sheldon
Anna Kirchner
Anne Ramsey
Arianna Crosby
Barry Schade
Betsy Husting
Beverly Haeckel
Bonnie Russ
Brad & Lisa Spencer
Brenda Hill
Brian Schaefers
Brian & Pam Russ
Bridget Hust
Brooke Stelzer
Brooke Thomson
Carolyn Munson
Carolyn Ringhofer
Cathie Baldwin
Chelsea Luse
Cheryl Gibbons
Cheryl Olson
Christine Ly
Christine Plutowski
Cindy Orr Holst
Clara Johnson
Community Health Fund
Corlyss Affeldt
Craig Berdan
Craig Johnson
Cristine Cretan
David Beardsley
Diane Murray

2013 Service Statistics
2013 Annual Report
Annex Teen Clinic
Annex Staff Leadership:
Brian Russ, Executive Director
Diane Murray, Clinic Director
Brooke Stelzer, Sexuality Education Director
Brooke Thomson, Development & Communications Director
98% of clinic patients indicate that they are happy with the service they received

92% of health education participants report an increase in knowledge and comfort using birth control
Revenue By Sources: Assets:
Government Grants 1,555,067
United Way 111,363 Current Assets 619,118
Private Funds 39,807 Noncurrent Assets 877,491
In-kind Services 16,710 Total Assets: 1,496,609
Patient Fees 549,070
Other 25,245 Liabilities & Net Assets:

Total Revenue: 2,297,262 Current Liabilities 184,804
Notes Payable 293,756
Expenses by Program: Total Liabilities: 478,560
Health Care 842,532
Health Education 1,209,880 Net Assets 1,018,049
Management & General 198,761
Fundraising 73,055 Total Liabilities &
Net Assets: 4,496,609
Total Expenses: 2,324,228
Annex Teen Clinic's Values
Sexuality is an intrinsic component of humanity and that every person experiences sexuality from birth to death. We celebrate that adolescent sexuality is a developmentally appropriate part of a life-long process. All people have the right to education about sexuality, sexual health care, and sexual expression appropriate to their age and stage of life. We know that parents are the primary sexuality educators for their children and work to provide trainings, resources, and encouragement to help parents succeed in this role.

We provide access to sexual health services and education at a low cost and believe in breaking down barriers to services and information. We value access to fact based information for people of all ages that is accurate, up-to-date, confidential, and relevant. Young people deserve access to confidential health care services and information. We work to provide access to all young people, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic and racial background, or socio-economic status. We provide medically accurate information and place trust in young people to make informed decisions when they have access to accurate information. We advocate for public policies that support access to confidential health care services and information.

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work. We strive to provide high quality information, products, programs, outcomes, services, and relationships. We are committed to the continuing education and ongoing development of our employees and volunteers. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for young people both in our clinical services and community outreach educational programs.

Young people and adults can learn and gain skills from each other. This openness to learning from others helps inform healthy decisions. Because of our belief that young people need and deserve significant roles in the community, we partner with young people to enhance our services and create opportunities for youth to contribute in meaningful ways. We value authentic partnerships with a variety of organizations and communities and understand that our collaboration can lead to healthier communities. We challenge ourselves to provide culturally and linguistically relevant services to the diverse populations we serve and welcome partnerships to improve our cultural understanding and awareness.

Youth are central to our work! We value and strive to integrate all young people’s perspectives into our programs and policies. Adolescence is a unique time in life, and has its own assets and challenges. Our ability to relate to teens is crucial to the success of the organization. We are committed to being confidential and nonjudgmental and forming meaningful relationships based on mutual respect.

The values of the Annex Teen Clinic were developed through an extensive process of discussion, revision, and collaboration with Annex staff, volunteers, board members and youth council members. These values guide our decision-making processes and the delivery of our services. Through the application of our values, we will develop and maintain healthy relationships with youth and their families, our organizational partners, co-workers, and the community as a whole.

Letter from the Executive Director
Kirk Klopfenstein
Kirsten Dunstan
Kristen Treuting
Kristina Dick
Kristin Schulze
Laura Kaslow
Leah Sweet Slicker
Leonel Lemaire
Linda Tally
Lindsay Abernathy
Lori Kruger
Lori Peterson
Marcia Hinitz
Marcia Staack
Margaret Dokka-Thorson
Maree Hampton
Marsha Hammer
Martha Pakan
Mary Kindseth
Mary Koppes
Michele Van Vranken
Michelle Lian-Anderson
Michelle Straub
Molly Yamamoto
Nancy Holden
Nancy Rickmeyer
Nikki Madsen
Pat Bosacker
Patrick Sukhum
Paul & Nicole Knutson
Paula Fox
Penny Tesarek
Rachel Kramer & Adam Reich
Reginald Boyle
Renee Gilmore
Rex & Judy Carlson
Richard Snell
Ripley Memorial Foundation

Deborah Santana
Eddie Rajvong
Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth Ann Fink
Elizabeth (Betsy) Olson
Emily Erickson
Eric Buckley
Eric Honoroff
Gary Greenfield
Gillian Elizabeth Kelly
Gretchen Griffin
Haley Morgan
Hannah Glusenkamp
Hannah Kaup
Heidi Haines
Illusion Theater
Iris Borowsky
J.A. Thuftedal
J. and L. Bendickson
James Ball
James Krough
James Proman
Jeffrey Kephart
Jen Fieldman
Jessica Jerney
Jim Long
Jim Schaffran
Joanne Dolan
Joyce Lemmer
Julianne Stennes
Julie Polan
Karen Dobson
Katherine Knutson
Katie Clark
Katie Ilten
Kehinde Reuben
Kelly Fries
Kimberly Johnson

Robert Raike
Robin Stubblefield
Rochelle Miller
Rosemarie Rowe
Ruth Nicholson Klepfer & Jeffery Klepfer
Sandy Jasko
Sandy Naughton
Sara Van Den Heuvel
Sharon Grostephan
Sheila Nesbitt
Sonya Brady
Sophie Pelletier
Stephanie Weir
Sue Funk
Susan Senger
Susan Wiste
Tammara Bolden-Wells
Thomas Nolan
Tito Wouda
Tom Erickson
Tonya Barber
Valerie Martenson

*If we have made an error in spelling or accuracy, please contact Brooke Thomson: Bthomson@annexteenclinic.org
Over the past year, we’ve been thinking strategically about where we want the Annex Teen Clinic to be in five years. I’ve always enjoyed strategic planning since it gives us an opportunity to think beyond the confines of our day to day programming and administrative responsibilities. As board and staff reviewed our current operations and the multitude of changes that have occurred in youth work and health care, some clear themes started appearing.

One of the primary themes of our discussions was the commitment to excellence in every facet of our operations. In an era of limited resources, this requires some tough decisions about focus. Another theme is the need to work within a youth development framework, which challenges us to recognize the multitude of things happening in the lives of young people that affect their sexual health. How do we build on our role as a critical access point for young people, specialize in sexual health, and yet assure we are “seeing” that whole young person in front of us? I’m excited that our new strategic plan will provide a sound framework for our work over the next five years. Stay tuned for information about that!

Perhaps the most exciting part of our planning discussions is taking us back to our roots. The Annex Teen Clinic was started 43 years ago when a group of young people approached community leaders about the need for confidential, accessible sexual health services. The process that ensued contained elements of authentic youth adult partnerships. Adult community leaders genuinely listened to young people and respected their voice about what was needed to make this community a healthy place for teens and young adults. The Annex is committed to reestablishing the principles of authentic youth adult partnerships as central to our work over the next five years.
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