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New York

No description

Kaylee Tao

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of New York

Economy & Occupations
There are a variety of jobs attainable once you come to New York.
New York
Unlike Massachusetts, New York is filled with luscious green forests that contain a plentiful amount of trees. How can you make well structured houses without wood? It's simple, you can't!
by Kaylee Tao, Rachael Zucker, and Sydney Garvin
Don't be a dork,
settle in
New York!
New York has a governor and an assembly.
Reasons for Settlement
That means that New York has a democratic council and
Jacob Leisler has lead this revolution to change New York for the better.
Because in New York, we care about YOU and YOU matter.
The wide range of weather possibilities have many optimistic benefits to the colony. These include picture perfect winters and warm sunny summers. You may be thinking, "I would freeze to death in the winter," but the wood houses insulate the area, keeping you warm.
Here in New York, we have multiple religions.
Don't you worry, you will not die of heat exhaustion either! Unlike Pennsylvania, you can always take a break and dip into the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Erie, and Hudson River.
Because of the nourished soil, there are plenty of farming jobs available.
You have religious freedom to chose your own religion
Don't like farming? Go by the beautiful ocean and ask about all of the fishing jobs. Not into nature? Become a trades person.
Unlike Massachusetts, Virginia, and Connecticut where you're handcuffed to a religion you may not believe in.
Maybe you will be able to become a landowner or landlord!
New York's wetlands, that range on the side of the Hudson River, make perfect land to grow cash crops on!
You could also get into fur trapping, lumber, shipping, and slave trade.
Nowhere else has such a variety of great jobs. And plenty of jobs means a booming economy.
There are many job opportunities; we have the busiest port in the whole area! So if you like the ocean and fishing, this is the place for you!
Your options range from being a Puritan to a Protestant to a Catholic.
You have endless possibilities.
You never have to be someone you are not!
Religion is free and you are allowed to express
how you feel
The weather creates many opportunities
for children to play with friends outside
without causing a distraction to people's work.
Plus, many religious groups have huge economic benefits.
In New York, we hear your voice and we are listening. This democratic council is here to help!
The reasons for settlement in New York are endless, so don't be a dork! Settle in New York!
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