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Business ISU

No description

Jerry Chow

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Business ISU

remind me. NoteShirt What is NoteShirt™? innovative Target Market middle to high income Channel of Distribution $12/shirt Challenges Direct Competition Get Yours Today! Printed Advertisements Price Market Environment Publicity Why Success? stylish useful reusable hands-on Jerry Chow + Shannon Gui BBI2O1-02 consumers consumers manufacturer manufacturer retailer with competition compared to other shirts in general slightly below competition compared to personalized shirts $590/fifty shirts $10 discount! Brand Mark Brand Name Slogan NoteShirt TM remind me. teenagers to young adults doodling shopping designing Economic Technological Social/Cultural school work extras demographic interests daily activities rapelle-moi. THE END Sales Promotion Item Electronic Advertisement Indirect Competition all t-shirt customization or personalization companies in Ontario all other t-shirt retailers in Ontario a NoteShirt-Giveaway event in downtown Toronto this summer criteria: all pedestrians who promise to put on the NoteShirt and write/draw something on it immediately after Spread Shirt Wordans Vista Print result: Aéropostale Abercrombie & Fitch Garage Meets demand of increased personalization needs
Lower prices
Inexpensive manufacturing
Events for publicity
Unique & fresh idea
Not a big factor
Clothing is a necessity
Inflation, unemployment, increased interest rates etc. -> luxury goods
NoteShirt price </= normal t-shirt price
Very-interested customers would still buy
Somewhat-interested customers may not Technology = faster note-taking
But, people may like old-school with a creative twist
Personal style = fashion
Dress to impress/get noticed
Sketch/doodle art style is popular
Current generation more reliant on technology for reminders
Old-school may be the new trend well-educated NoteShirt Consumer Survey
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