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Train The Trainer PE

Train the Trainer Assignment 1

Taylor Dunn

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Train The Trainer PE

Preparedness Education
What is the purpose of PE?
Tips for


Goal of PE
American Red Cross
Be Red Cross Ready
(Approx. 1 hour)
Prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.
Preparedness & Resilience
To educate individuals and families of disasters that occur locally and preparedness methods.

This can be difficult once you start giving presentations

Don't single one person out, but instead try to make eye contact with numerous people throughout the room.

No eye contact = lack of attention from audience
Passport to
(45minutes - 1 hour)
Day of Presentation
PE Presentations
Check out any necessary equipment

Gather handouts and surveys

Gather location and contact information

Always leave early!
Enabling people to respond and react effectively and quickly when disasters strike.
The ability to adapt to changing conditions and withstand and rapidly recover from disruptions due to emergencies.
Building Resilience
Building Resilience Cont.
Educate the community about preparing for disasters and emergencies
Teach people how to interpret actions of local emergency management
Straightforward and accessible
People who are prepared know what to do and are better able to cope with it

How to create an emergency kit

Things to consider when making a plan with your family

Where to find information about local hazards and what to do during an emergency

Presentations for specific hazards (winter, spring, hazardous materials)
Targets elementary and middle school ages

Teaches preparedness through a beach ball game, creating an emergency card, and a disaster kit relay

Ideal for gym classes and summer camps
Hands-Only CPR
(30min - 1 hour)
Just like it sounds, it's CPR with just the compressions

Does not replace full CPR

Check, Call, Care

New PE presenters will go through 30 minute training before giving this presentation
Greek Life Fire
Partnership with U of M Greek Life

Developed after a fraternity burned down in 2008

Recognized by National as a best practice

Perform a surprise fire drill with the help of Ann Arbor Fire
Ready Rating (30 minutes)
Business Emergency Planning

Red Cross Resources

Business Continuity

Long-term Process
Team Firestoppers
3 part fire prevention program, canvassing, fire safety fairs, home visits

Targets at-risk zip codes

Participants receive fire safety items upon completing fair

Extended process
1. When & where will you be presenting?
2. How long do you have?
3. Will you need audio-visual equipment?
4. Will you need a partner?
5. How many people are in the audience?
6. What is the audience's age range?
7. What is the audience's ethnicity?

IMPORTANT: Customize presentations to be relevant to that group at that time.

Show some character and make the presentation your own

Make them laugh

Don't over prepare - if you rehearse too much it will sound like it

Talk to the audience, not at them

ALWAYS BE HONEST - if you don't know the answer, don't make it up
New PE volunteers should shadow a total of 3 times before presenting on their own

During the first shadowing session, the volunteer will only observe

During the second and third session, the volunteer will give the presentation with the speaker

Sign up through Volunteer Connection to shadow
Volunteers can schedule presentations with any group at any time. Be sure to ask the important questions about your audience!

Once you have scheduled a presentation with a group, create an event in PE Calendar on Volunteer Connection.

Fill out a pre-presentation form and place it the PE mailbox in the copy room
Arrive at least 30 minutes early


Open the floor for questions

Distribute and collect surveys

Leave Red Cross contact information

Fill out a post-presentation form and place it and the completed surveys in the PE mailbox
The PE Group
Used for most communications between schedulers and PE educators

Has complete event schedules with contact information

Every presentation and handout is there

Contains forms for reporting

Allows for communication between all members
Preparedness Education

Boy Scouts Preparedness Badge
Help scouts gain their emergency preparedness badge

Be Red Cross Ready presentation

Partnership with Fire Department

Shelter Simulation
Volunteer Connection
Volunteer Hours
Go into Volunteer Connection
My Profile
At the bottom of the page, select "Submit Hours"
Fill out the information
Only hit submit ONCE

If you sign up for event or a presentation through Volunteer Connection, it will automatically enter your hours - don't submit hours because they will get duplicated.
Thank you for your participation!

My contact information:
Taylor Dunn
734-971-5300 x 213
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