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No description

jaqon brown

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of s

nucleus control center of cell It like the main office cell membrane
is a wall for animal
and plant but a2
wall for a plant It like the outside of school It help organelles
move freely and safely
around It like the
teacher help
student walk down the hall i It like miss hitman when she help out
with student and with some power provide energy for cell part Like the school heater giving off
heat to us the vacuole is like are lunch room when we go eat are food make sure all
part of cell have energy is like mr.malcome when he walk around
the school and make
sure it have energy transparts wastes outside the cell beak down body fat break down waste materials
and cellular debris a vacuole is a membrane bound
organelle which is present in all
and fungal cell and some protist
animal and bacterial cell its like the garbage trucks coming to get the garbage take away the waste its like when you take the boxes outback and break them down call wall is for plant
it help the plant from
getting a virusea the outside of the school help stop the cold air from coming through
chloroplast is for plant water and sunlight
glucose and space oxygen its like the solar panel when it give energy
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