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World War 2

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on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of World War 2

World War II
by Kate Vezzani
World War II Started In...
Japanese American Camps
World War II took place in mostly Europe.
World War 2 Was in ...
World War ii ended in 1945 when Usa dropped 2 atomic bombs on hiroshima, Japan.
World War 2 ended in...
World war II started in 1939 on september 1. it started when the germans attacked poland, the usa did not want to join but when the usa got bombed by the japanese at pearl harbor on December 7, 1941 they joined.
Japanese Americans got taken away after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.They were put on trains to go to Internment camps such as Camp Amache. They left their family and friends and could only take what they could carry. The Japanese Americans were treated hard at the camps. They had to work on the farm, in the military, and had to stay at the camp.

Life in Colorado During World War II...
Life in Colorado during World War II was different than Colorado today.
Women took Men's job. Women worked places such as factories. People in Colorado also trained soilders at camps such as camp Hail. They trained people to fight on ski. Colorado was different in World War II.
Cites Used...

Colorado Story


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