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Seedfolks Research:Benin

this is a prezi on the seedfolks reseach sheet which is being presented and graded in Mrs.Voorhees' class, Block 6-7.

Widline Duvert

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Seedfolks Research:Benin

Benin Benin's Language is Mainly French but they also use Fon,Yoruba Adja, and Boriba Furthermore, Benin's Ethnic groups were a little hectic but eventually I found the real ones. What about their Language??? What about their religion African 99% And the european is LESS THAN 1 percent.% African Religons is 70% Muslim 15% Christain 15% What are the major religions? Salut: Hi
Goodbye: au revoir
Merci (madame/monsieur): Thank you (Lady/Man) What's the government? Their Government is a Republic under multiparty democratic rule. What's the capital? Porto Novo!! The key cities are Bohicon,Comtonou,Djougou.Kandi,and Parakou. Do you want to know the Major products and Industries?....It might take a while. Textiles Apparel Clothing Food processing Chemical production Construction materials Cotton Corn Cassava(Tropica) Yams Beans Palm oil Peanuts And live stock. But, what about the climate and landforms? Tropical weather conditions; humid and hot in southern regions; semiarid and dry in regions of the north. The terrain of the country is mostly flat, rolling plain; hilly in some areas with low mountains. Lowest elevation: Atlantic Ocean at mean sea level highest point: Mount Sokbaro 660 meters The songs and dances of the people of Benin vary with the tribe they originated from and thier geographic location within the country. What are the ethnic groups?
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