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Rock Music the awesome history

The history of rock music and the road it traveled

Christian coughlin

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Rock Music the awesome history

Rock n roll
Stephen Foster
July 4, 1826 – January 13, 1864
He was the first person to really have song writing as a carreer
Known as the father of American Music
He used many of the kinds of music that was being brought in by American immigrants Minstrel Shows Minstrel shows were an old form of entertainment from mid 1800s until they died out in 1940s
They were incredbily racist diplaying Afriacn Americans as big lipped baffoons who were always up to trouble
They had stock characters like "Jim Crow"
Most performers were white and performed in balck face which is when you rub cork all over your face and paint your lips big and red to appear as the stereotypical slave
People from the north who had little or no interaction with black peopled viewed this as a change to get to see their lifestyle though ther performance was actually very racist and unrealistic
The music was call and responce and usually had very simple lyrics that usually told stories

Vaudeville Vaudeville were traveling variety shows that featured musical numbers, solo singers, strnage talents, dance performers, comedy skits, and really anything that was found entertaining
It started anywhere between the 1860s and ended around the 1930s
The performers worked gruealing hours not to mention contuless days on the road
It was the radio and tv of its day because of radio and tv it died out
The 6th between the 9th perfomance was uaully the most popular while the first was for the rookies and the last was to clear seats
Tin Pan Alley Tin Pan Alley were a group of music publishers based in New York City that ruled the music industry in the 19th century and the early 20th
The music consisted of piano ballads and ragtime and later incorprated Jazz and blues
You were paid a down payment for your song and never saw any money this was before royalties

Ragtime A old form of dance music that was based around the piano
It was really the first music to be accused of "corrupting the youth" really the rap music of its time
Scott Joplin was the most notable ragtime composer known for his hit the "maple leaf rag" Blues Blues originated in old slave songs
It was noramally sad and soulful
It was really the first heart and soul music where you could feel the emotion in every word
The focused instrument was the guitar because it was easy to learn, conceable and easy to take care of
Blues can be consdiered one of the biggest influences on rock music because of its guitar work and invative chords
the 12 bar blues style became a classic stable in most rock and roll Jazz Like blues Jazz orgianted from the south but unlike blues the instrumentation was the main focus
Songs would have little to know words and bands would play through the night for hours
Instuments inclued stand up bass, guitar, drums, piano, trombone, and tumpet
The music is best to be shown than told Early American Folk Its constists early music and songs of American Immigrants
Amoung the countries people came from was Italy, Scotland, and Ireland
In these old folk songs the story was most imporatant
Immingrants had a hard time when they first came to the states so that was showed in their music
They were handed down through families and rarely written down
In 1914 they were considered endangered and the U.S goverment made a effort to perserve them

Country Music Country music came about in the 1940s
It was very commericailly succesful due to varieyt shows
The music was never to deep and told life that was centered around the south
Hank Williams was considered to be the one who invented the "Honky Tonk" form of country Blue Grass Blue Grass is a very technical form of music
It orgianted in Knetucky and named for the blue grasses of that state
The main music was the Bonjo but also featured guitar, drums, washboard, and bass
It is a very difficult form of music and usually a rural form of jazz Doo Wop Doo Wop was a form of music that orignated in the 1950s in the inner cities of the United States
It Consisted of four or five vocalist each with there own specific voice style to contribute to the harmony
The songs were made for young people as they had to do with light things such as love, dancing and having a good time
The singers also used nonsensical sounds usually in the beggining and continually in the backround
Groups would sing in hallways, street corners, stoops and subway stations

50s Rock 'n' Roll In the 50s we really see the sound that rock 'n' roll is known for
People like Elvis, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley and others solidified the sound of rock 'n' roll
The music was usually very blues orientated many songs had the 12 bar blues format
The songs were more directed at teens
The lyrical content was mostly about staying out late, high school, love, and partying
British Invasion The British Invasion was a term used for English band who crossed the pond in the 1960s
These bands were but not limited to The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and The Who
Each one had their own distint sound
The Beatles were much like a boy band at first but slowly evolved into a innovative music collective that changed music history in their short ten years together
The Kinks were a bit edgeier and there music had more of a garage rock sound to it. When ytou listen to The Kinks you can tell how there sound influenced garage rock bands today
The Rolling Stones were The Beatles evil twin. The Beatles were about peace, love, friendship and composing while The Rolling Stones were dirty, sexy, devilish, edgy and raw. Their music was much more blues influenced then The Beatles
The Who were pruely epic they were loud, snotty and proud. There music really was the precouor to punk though their music was also very experimental. They were known for their epic live performances where Pete Townhend who jump around and smash his guitar, Keith Moon would blow up his drum sets, Roger Daltrey would whip his mich in the air and Jon Entwistle would stand there to cool to participate Surf Music Surf Music was really made famous and innovated by The Beach Boys
The music lyrically consisted of strong vocal harmonsies and simple lyrics about fun in the sun and surfing
The music was commercailly accepted and was what the normal kids who werent going to drug crazed festivals to see Hendrix and The Who
Folk Revial Folk was always known as the perfect genre for meaniful songs and in the 1960s it was just that
Folk songs of those days usaully contained socail messages of the issues of the times such as civil righs, vietnam and free speach
Songs could just be sung with a lone guitar or a full band
Bob Dylan was the artist who popularised the genre and reinvented being a singer songwriter Acid Rock Acid Rock was a genre of music that took place mostly in the free spirted times of the 1960s
Bands started experimenting with a drug called LSD which was coined "acid"
The music consisted of alot of experinatation with different sounds
Bands started making songs longer and stranger
Bands used anything they wanted for sounds
The songs were polotical but due to LSd many songs consited of strange imagery, deep meaning and sometimes no meaning at all Soul Soul was just is exactly what soul music was
Soul really came from chuirches mostly black churches where gospel singers sung their hearts out and sometimes thought they were flying
Soul was a vocal oriented music where a booming voice was required
Soul was all about the emotion behind the voice and singer which made live perfromances very heartfelt
motown Motown is a termed which describes music from the city of Detroit
Motown groups were really the first boy bands due to their corepgraphy and smooth vocals
The Temptations were the most popluar group of this genre and still to this day thwe most popular vocal group of all time Funk funk is a fusion between pop, soul and rock
However what so innovative about funk was the prominent bass that plays heavily on the beat
Like jazz funk was another genre that took praticular skill to play
Funk is also a very danceble feel good music
Sly and the Family stone were really the founder of this genre Prog Rock Out of all the genres in music prog is probably the most difficult
It takes such technical skill in whayever instrument you play and you must wait till your an expert to even attempt to play it well
The songs are long and complex and if i were to use one word to describe progrssive rock is "control" unlike punk or rock 'n' roll you must have complete control over your instrument and everything must come out smoothly
Songs were also improvised as musicians could show their mastery live A wonderfully written song END!
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