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The DeConsensus Project

No description

Michelle Stirling

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of The DeConsensus Project

The DeConsensus Project
“Consensus” on global warming?

An illogical claim based on incomplete data.

Geologically, Earth is in a Cooling Trend
Is there a 97% Consensus in 4 separate surveys?
Observe the 97% pie-graph, a meme of “Pac-man” the most popular video game of Early Earthmen.

The Pac-man 97% meme could illogically affect humans, making them believe that ‘consensus’ eats up any ghosts of doubt about global warming to ‘save lives’...

A clever subconscious reprise of the goal of the Pac-man game.

97% consensus* in 4 surveys ?
Consensus = Social Proof for Humans
It is illogical to agree simply because you are told 97% of other humans agree.

“Social proof” appears to elicit a kind of herd mentality in early humans.

I'm frequently appalled by the low regard you Earthmen have for logical independent thought.

Humans are stardust; earth a grain of sand in a cosmic ocean.

Solar magnetic fields and cosmic rays drive climate change on earth by affecting natural factors like clouds, magnetic fields, and ocean currents.

Earth factors like volcanoes and ocean currents affect climate as well.

Natural Factors Affect Climate More Than CO2
You are here on Earth
Earthmen Illogically Choose to Focus on CO2 and GHG
Emissions as Dangerous Climate Change Factors
“Consensus” is used as a Social Tool to Gain Agreement to Fight an Invisible “Enemy” – CO2
Earthmen illogically attempted to ‘Stop Global Warming’ Stardate Period 51046.1 to 67046.1

Earthmen spent $1.6 Trillion in ten years to 2012 out of irrational fear of global warming.

They planned to ‘Stop Climate Change’ by reducing industrial CO2 emissions.

CO2 is a beneficial trace gas that Earthmen need for life itself.

Simple Earthmen became subject to Climate Change Tax Poverty – illogically forced by an alien lack of common sense - to choose whether to heat or eat.

Global Warming Hysteria in Earthmen is a fascinating phenomenon.
Claims of 97% scientific consensus?

More illogical than pon farr – and far more disturbing.

“The signs are obvious to me.” live long and prosper.

As my father said:
“Logic offers a serenity humans seldom experience.
The control of feelings so that they do not control you."

Image of the night sky above Paranal on 21 July 2007, taken by ESO astronomer Yuri Beletsky. A wide band of stars and dust clouds, spanning more than 100 degrees on the sky, is seen. This is the Milky Way, the Galaxy we belong to.

Image of the night sky above Paranal on 21 July 2007, taken by ESO astronomer Yuri Beletsky. A wide band of stars and dust clouds, spanning more than 100 degrees on the sky, is seen. This is the Milky Way, the Galaxy we belong to.

Humans are Carbon Life-forms
Yet they began to claim carbon = pollution.
Many scientists and citizens agree greenhouse gas emissions cause some climate change.

It is illogical to say that these people must also think that CO2 is "dangerous" - the evidence does not support this conclusion.

CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere or 400 parts per million (ppm) - or 4 parts out of 10,000 as shown in red in this 10K grid. You breathe out 40,000 ppm every time you exhale.

The Sun has many cyclical patterns - every 11 years
its magnetic poles flip - causing changes in the heliopshere
Earth travels through these waves of solar magnetic field, exposing earth to changing cosmic rays that affect climate.

Earth factors like volcanoes, atmospheric oscillations and changing ocean currents affect climate as well.
Nowhere am I so desperately needed as among a shipload of illogical humans.

CO2’s Impact is Minimal and Beneficial to Agriculture
Evidence shows Global Warming stopped naturally in about 1998 or Stardate 52160.4
Are you sure it isn't time for a "colourful metaphor"?
Sufficient Earthmen retain the ability to reason independently.
Break free of these irrational fears of global warming and climate change
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