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John Baker IV

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Possible Solutions? Go Green Marketing budget must continue to increase (Proposed amount of $1 million, 100% over 2008)

Improve PR
Segment and Target more exactly to improve success of positioning
Increase focus and reach
of our marketing efforts

Corporate Retreats

More community events

More Sponsored events

People with active lifestyle Solution Due to utilities being the greatest operating cost, invest in various energy saving technologies to minimize those costs Change of Leadership Sell Parts or All of the Center Sell off the WhiteWater center and maintain more profitable areas of the land

Sell the property in its
entirety Introduction Background


Marketing Strategy

SWOT Analysis


Possible Solutions

Selected Solution

Conclusion Customers Competitors Company Collaborators 5 C's PEST Analysis 12 million in backup funding from government

$37 million/yr for Mecklenburg and Gaston Counties through Multiplier effect

Local governments eventually questioned the center during its downturn Political Social Was sustainable in it’s first few years

Recession slowed its growth

Was below breakeven point Tailors to extremely active, outdoors people Economic Only multichannel whitewater park in the world

Man made Technology “Everyone” according to Jeff Wise

Realistically men and women 20-40

Likely middle to upper class Demographics Only multichannel park in the world

Could be used by worldwide Olympic athletes Global Carowinds Theme park: 12 miles away, less expensive

Ocoee Whitewater Center Ducktown TN
Very few direct competitors worldwide US Olympic Committee

USA Canoe/Kayak (Moved headquarters)

Carolinas Medical Center

Coca Cola, REI Sports, Subaru (Sponsors)

2008 US Olympic Slalom Trials

Jeep Sponsored whitewater competition

Funding by local government “Avid outdoors people”

Tried to market to moms since they often do planning Context Products (2006) Partnerships Advertising Marketing Strategy Daily parking $5

Climbing wall and ropes course were added

Prices raised each year, Rafting cost $65 per person by 2008 Target Market “Simply put, our target is everyone” - Jeff Wise (Executive Director USNWC)

Extremely active outdoors people

Families who want a new experience

Corporations in Charlotte
(65% revenue drop in this area in 2008)

The “after work” crowd US Olympic Committee, US Canoe/ Kayak

Carolinas Medical Center

Coca-Cola, REI Sports, Subaru Events 2008 US Olympic slalom team trials
Jeep sponsored white water competition Advertising agency hired in 2006 (media, target groups who might use the center, public at large)
Small marketing budget Also relied on free advertising
Local media coverage
Website U.S. National WhiteWater Center
Nathan Wallenhorst, Nicholas Pappas, Matthew Saginari, John Baker Problem Lack of detailed marketing plan

Poor Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning Change of Executive Director
Fire Jeff Wise and seek experienced leadership Conclusion Sustainable, long lasting growth can only be achieved through more refined marketing efforts

Improved Brand Value locally will result in increased profitability and more allowance to manage utility costs through technological improvements and appeal to international audience. New business model

Not much planning (Idea in 2001, open in 2006)

Non Profit

Poor advertising/marketing

Missed forecasts

Overall: Innovative idea, poor planning and marketing Background In 2001 paddling enthusiasts and Jeff Wise rallied support for their proposal to build an artificial rafting river near uptown Charlotte

Based on the Australian Olympic venue

Planner asked for the help of John Connaughton to see if the project could be economically possible 3 runs of 1,000 to 2,000 feet for rafting, canoeing, and kayaking

Mountain Biking Trails

A climb center


Conference center The Facility Consists Of: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats SWOT Analysis Mr. Wise in an unsuccessful leader

Poor marketing strategy

Not a publicly traded company Brand equity and recognition could be better promoted

Leverage relationships with icons in the field Many indirect competitors: Charlotte Bobcats, Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, etc.

Direct competitor: Wildwater Ltd. Located in Charlotte

Threat of new entrants is relatively low

Many medium sized businesses

Ability to team up with regional universities
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