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What is a Youtuber?

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isha noelm

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of What is a Youtuber?

What is a Youtuber?
What is a youtuber?
Youtubers are people that record themselves and post themselves on youtube for entertainment purposes directed for their audience. They fall into diffrent catorgories for example; Gaming, Fashion, Film, Comedy and many more.
Here are some youtubers:
Lilly singh
felix kjellberg

How do youtubers make money
Youtubers don't do this to waste their time, They make money, Yup i said money! Youtubers don't get paid the same amount but they all get paid diffrently depending on their partnerships and viewing status, They do not get paid for views but they get paid for advertisements view per video and if a person clicks that advertisement! You get more... But this is only how the basic youtube partnership structure works. You can have more than 1 partner to make your channel grow and partnerships also pay you more, This way your growing your channel and earning money. Both a benefit.. Heres a basic example...
This is FaZe Rug, Fomarly known as Brian from the FaZe Clan. Brian started off small and eventually started becoming big by partnering with a collab gaming channel on youtube called FaZe,He joined this collab group with an small audience which slowly began to grow, Not only his
audience grew but so did his partnerships and sponsors, He is now partnerd with Gamma, A energy drink company and also Scuf, A gaming company that makes controllers and many more gaming supplys and partnered with many more. He now currently has 600,000 subscribers and recieves $1.5K - $23.4K estimated a month depending on his channel audience that month and per year he is estimated about $280.6K! Isn't that a lot!
Requirements to become a youtuber
To become a youtuber you obviously can't be camera shy, Well that doesnt apply to everyone, There are many youtubers that havent done a face reveal to their audience. You also need to have a base on what your channel will be about and plans, Just imagine your youtube channel as a buisness. You obviously need equiqment to film and to edit or for gaming you might need a PC, Console, Mic and many more equiqment. You don't need any training but need to have good video quality and editing skills and obviously good content, That's what people look for! Its simple as that!.
Editing software
Imovie and Final Cut pro
By isha and prabdeep
This is jc caylen, He is a sucessful youtuber but has not graduated college and dropped out twice from college infact. He started youtube alone and wasn't that big and then he met some online friends and started a group channel called O2l. which also stands for Oursecondlife
This youtube channel grew really big and now has over 2,900,000 subsribers and with that fame and advantage he made his own youtube channel that has over 2,300,000 subcribers and he earns about 14k a month and estimated 168.2k an year, .
Oppurunities for advancement
This is macbarbie07 formaly known as Bethany Mota, Bethany mota started off small and started gaining an audience because of her videos which made her even more bigger, Well how did she get advanced? She is so popular and known, She modeled in magazines and she was also in Dancing with the stars! Isnt that amazing! oh and do you recornize her face? You probably seen her in aeropostale because she also owns a clothing line in aeropostale which is very big and popular!
This shows that she started off small and as she got big she got way more bigger oppurtunitys to take advantage of. Imagine the money she creates off her clothing line and youtube! For your information she makes estimated $621.3K a year and probably more with her clothing line!
Dancing with the stars
clothing line
For this whole presentation we used our brain and knowledge since we already know alot about youtube and youtube is our life, This is 100% true information, You can check your self and we only used one website to check the profits per youtuber!
Youtube profits
This is Pewdiepie, Also known as Felix kjellberg, He is known to be the biggest youtuber on youtube with 36,980,773 subsribers and his yearly earnings? Wait to be blown away... Felix earns $883.4K - $14.1M yearly depending on his channel audience and status, He can also earn 1.2M monthly depending on his channel status! He is a gamer known to be
really funny!!!!, He earns more than Doctors and
Lawyers just by making videos daily!
Oppurtunites come from sponsors and fame depending on how many subscribers you have for example if you have 5,000,000 subscribers, Someone famous may ask you to come onto their show or maybe participate in an event, You can keep on growing depending on your subscribers the more fame you have the more oppurtunity's you get into. Heres an example...
day in my life of a youtuber

(education and requirements)
(salary,earning and benefits)
So as you can see in the video, A life of a youtuber consists of filming, editing and pretty much doing whatever you want and its not as easy as it sounds, Youtubes stay up all night editing and all day recording videos for you! So the life of a youtuber just consists of recording, editing and doing your daily routine.
Youtubers have a lot of benefits such as traveling to many places since some may be on tour, For example iisuperwomanii and also they earn alot more than some great jobs out there, Even a engineer! Youtubers have a great benefit cause they are payed behalf of their content and channel so if your a hard working youtuber you get the money you want but if your a careless youtuber, You wont get as much or maybe what you wanted, The main benefit is earning what you deserve!
Mrs. castellano, Wouldnt it be a benefit if you got paid for doing family studies because that's what you deserve?
Heres an example of a youtube video by ijustine.. A blogger and entertainer.
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