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Comm 114 WALLE

No description

Sophia Sweet

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Comm 114 WALLE

WALL-E Strengths Weaknesses Crosses language barriers

Nonverbal communication can show you what people actually feel compared to verbal lies. Interpretations may vary depending on the decoder.

Are not as precise or descriptive Types of Nonverbal
Communication Intentional
Unintentional Kinesics Emblems
Affect displays Proxemics Personal Space
Intimate Distance
Personal Distance
Social Distance
Public Distance
Territory Analysis
WALL-E's facial expressions clearly communicates how he feels toward EVE and in the end EVE's does as well. Conclusion You don't need words to communicate
Actions speak louder than words EVE uses her tone of voice to let WALL-E know that she isn't happy, when he breaks out the rogue robots. Unintentional Nonverbal Communication A message sent unintentionally through body motions or tone of voice. When WALL-E says EVE's name it is clear that he is in love with her. Emblems Emblems are body motions that take the place of words. WALL-E pointed down, to signal to the cockroach that it should stay put. Illustrators Illustrators are nonverbal symbols that reinforce a verbal message When the spaceship was coming down WALL-E went around in circles opened his arms out wide because he didn't know what was happening, as well as making verbal sounds. Affect Displays Nonverbal signs of our emotional state. Intentional Nonverbal Communication Intentionally sending a message using our body, voice or use of time WALL-E tries numerous times to hold EVE's hand, showing how he feels about her. Personal Space The area that exists between ourselves and others EVE shot at WALL-E when he invaded her personal space and got to close. Intimate Distance The distance at which it is appropriate for highly personal communication encounters to occur Personal Distance The area most appropriate for interpersonal interactions dealing with personal matters. Social Distance The distance most appropriate for communication of a non-personal nature.
(approx. 4-12ft) Public Distance A distance exceeding 12 ft., which is most appropriate for public communication
requires and audience and speaker Territory The space we stake out as our own.
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