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No description

Jordan Anderson

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Zeus

He Forced his father to puke up his brothers and sisters. They were in him because Cronus was told that his kids would over throw his rule. Zeus wasn't in him because his mother switched him for a stone. The new force defeated Cronus by shoving them into the under world. I think they made this to show that there is always a way.

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How Zeus Was Born
Zeus was born by Cronus his dad and Rhea his mother who died. I describe him as a nice guy but a little bit naughty. He would be an old man with white hair and a long beard.
Zeus Myth
By:Kaydyn Pinzino
Travis Runyan
Reese McClurg
Jordan Anderson
Zeus's Powers/Weaknesses
Zeus's powers are to control rain, wind, thunder, and lightning. His weaknesses are pretty ladies, and love affairs. The golden eagle is special to Zeus.
All About Zeus
Zeus is the god of the sky. His weakness is women.

He saved his siblings from his dad. He is the king of all gods.

He won battles for the gods.
Significants of Zeus's Myth
I think it is important because it shows how they got there powers names and the area of Earth.

Zues zzz
Why The Myth Was Created
Our god brings good because he help them win many wars.This myth was created maybe because people were wondering who was god of the sky so they made up Zeus.
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