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Chair Challenge

No description

noor masoom

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Chair Challenge

The Most Strongest Chair In Eternity!!
Is It Balanced?
Is it aesthetics approved?
We believe our structure is balanced because we had many classmates and teachers try to sit on it during the making, some were Mrs. Joshi and Mr. Uche. when these people tried it out they said it was comfortable and they kept on wanting to sit on it! The scientific terms are that they seemed fairly balanced because the newspaper rolls were supporting the weight and were also making the figure balanced and able to hold plenty of weight.
Their chair is Awesome!
You guys are sooooo smart!
The Chair is approved by me!
I love it!!
I want to take it home!
Too Bad!
We used so much newspaper because our main concern was that we wanted to build a mass structure so it would be stable and because many weekly flyers go to the trash every week so we basically are helping with the waste by using the newspaper for educational use! Newspapers are printed daily and only some are read while the others are thrown away.
By:Noor Masoom, Faiza Haidry and Chandra
Research:World use about 300 Million ton and about 40% is recycled.
Is the cost good?
The cost is good because it was for free so we had reused newspapers from our houses and other areas!
What is your structures function?
Our structures function is both holding and supporting!
We know that because we had many students and teachers try and all of them gave positive comebacks (test assistants)
Jamaica approved!
Well, thanks 4 watching!
Hope you enjoyed! :P
- We made 4 huge rolls (12 small rolls taped together)
- We made a cup holder
-We made a drawer
- Our chair can hold 2 people at once!!
We believe it is aesthetics approved because we put an outer layer of newspaper to cover the rolls this resulted in it looking much better and there were many people who thought it was comfy and appealing! It also esthetically appealing because we have made a cup holder and a drawer for use, which has made it look even more better.
It took only about a 3 blocks to build this master piece, the rest of the time we did things like making the pocket holder/drawer and testing
Materials needed for the project!!
- around 2 tape rolls
Mass Structures
Can be made by, piling up or forming similar materials into a particular shape or design.
It is held in place by its own weight, losing small parts often has little effect on the overall strength of the structure
Newspapers are delivered to our houses every week, after looking through it once they then get thrown away
than we taped the huge rolls together
What was our plan?
Why did you use so much newspapers?
We used scientific vocabulary during the presentation!!!
What are mass structures?
Looking at the definition we know that our chair is a mass structure we chose this because it makes it very stable, although it would use lots of materials these materials costed very less.
The forces acting on our structure include compression and tension compression is acting on the legs in the structure and the tension is acting when the weight of the textbooks is so much that the seat is stretched a part
Forces that act on structures
Next Steps....
We think that next time we should have a plan that is more thoroughly thought of, and before using scissors/tape think about what will happen if we use them because once we do, the action will be permanent.
We learned this when we were making our first big roll all our small rolls were either too thin, short, thick or tall and so when we taped them together the roll wasn't balanced.
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