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Evolution Of Basketball Shoes

No description

Aaron Thomas

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Evolution Of Basketball Shoes

Evolution Of Basketball Shoes Classic Era Canvas Shoes Dominated The Basketball Sport Until 1960 New Era Micheal Jordans Signature Shoe Air Jordan Is Were Considered A Breakthrough Shoe Design Reebok Also Made A Jump In This Era In Introducing Shoe Called The Pump Golden Era Golden Era Is The Era Of The New Technologies Materials and Design Concepts Led To Success If Almost Every New Shoe Throwback Era Near The End Of The 90's Basketball Show Companies Began To Market Previously Released Shoes Known As Throwbacks.These Shoes Became The Popular Trend Of The Time And Manufacturers Added A New Twist To Classic Shoes By Distributing Them In Every Color Imaginable. New Marketing There Is Still A High Demand Of Both Classic And New Tech Basketball Shoes and Price has Increased Drastically Nike Has Raised The Price of Newly Released Shoes To More Than $100 On Average Notable Shoe Deals:
Charles Barkley Signs With Nike
Allen Iverson Signs With Reebok
Kobe Bryant Signs With Adidas
Penny HardaWay Signs With Nike Until Leather Shoes Appeared On The Market 1980s Saw Technological Advancements In Basketball Shoes Companies Such As Nike, Reebok, and Adidas Released Shoes With New Air Sole Technology. Companies Began Designing Custom Shoe Lines For NBA Players Charles H Taylor Endorsed The Shoes Known As Chuck Taylors While Chuck Taylor Might Have Been The First Player To Have His Name On A Basketball Shoe. Walt Clyde Frazier Was One Of The First NBA Stars To Have A Signature Shoe By Puma Basketball Shoe Timeline Classic Era Golden Era New Era Throwback Era New Marketing Basketball Shoes In Pop Culture My Topic Is Evolution Of Basketball Shoes
I Chose This Topic Because I Like Shoes
I Wanted To Know How Basketball Shoes Evolved Or Changed Over The Years?
I Already Knew Nike Changed The Shoe Game
I Wanted To Know How It Was Before Nike
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