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Revolutionary War Timeline Project

No description

jack walker

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Revolutionary War Timeline Project

Revolutionary War Timeline Project
By: Jack Walker

French and Indian War Starts
The French want to establish trading posts and the English want that land too but, it was originally the Indians home so they want it also, this starts the war.
Proclamation of 1763
Sugar Act Starts
This taxed sugar very highly to help finance the French and Indian War
Stamp Act Starts
States all forms of paper should be stamped with a stamp that states the taxes on it have been payed.
Stamp Act Ends
Angry colonists protested for a year before Parliament finally repealed it.
Patrick Henry's Speech
It talked about how the colonies should have liberty and it is home to the famous phrase "give me liberty or give me death".
Sugar Act Ends
After ten years of protesting Parliament finally repealed the taxes on sugar.
This stated that all land East of the Mississippi River would be English and West would be French and Indian.
Boston Tea Party
This happened when angry colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped 342 English chests of tea into the Boston Harbor.
Declaration of Independence
This stated that all men and women should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Ride of Paul Revere
On this night a patriot and blacksmith went for a famous midnight ride warning the many villages that the British were coming.
1st Continental Congress
This is when delegates from all twelve colonies got together to talk about issues in the colonies.
2nd Continental Congress Starts
Townshend Acts Start
These acts stated that any British soldier could stay in a colonists home for as long as they want.
2nd Continental Congress Ends
This is when they stopped having meetings.
Townshend Act End
After three years of protests Parliament finally repeals the Townshend Act.
Boston Massacre
When angry colonists started throwing snowballs with rocks in them at British soldiers then the soldiers were told to fire and they did, killing six people.
Treaty of Paris
This ended the Revolutionary War and talked about American Independence.
signed: 9/3/1783
Battle of Saratoga
This battle forced 5,895 British soldiers to give up all of their weapons.
Battle of Yorktown
At this battle General Washington, his men, and a French army defeated General Cornwallis and his men officially ending the war.
Lexington and Concord
The shots fired here were the shots to start the revolution.
" Common Sense " Published
Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine and persuaded colonists to fight against Great Britain.
This is where State Legislators talked about if they should go to war or not they tried to make peace with the king but he didn't want to so they told the colonies to start preparing for war.
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