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Jonathan Swift&Gulliver's Travels

No description

Tanuj Prajapati

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Jonathan Swift&Gulliver's Travels

“'All's well, what's a rainy day
Never mind that cloud
Behind that cloud
You'll find a golden ray.

All's well, laugh your fears away.
See the light ahead,
Right ahead,
There's a moonlit night ahead.
Everyone come on have fun, all's well'

Why do they make me sing that song?
The poet who wrote it was certainly wrong!
It's bright ahead... go right ahead…
I'd rather go home and go right to bed!

My feet are wet, my bunions ache
And yet I've got to keep wide awake
Allllll night!!!
I wake folks up to tell them things are
Allllll right


All's well, what's a rainy day.
Never mind that cloud,
Behind that cloud
You'll find a golden ray.

All's well, laugh your fears away.
See the light ahead,
Right ahead,
There's a moonlit night ahead.
Everyone come on have fun, all's w-”
Sung By: Gabby He once again goes on another voyage, but this time he does not crash, but is run over by pirates that let Gulliver go by himself in a small little boat and he once again find several islands but this time they are all the same size. The island were (in order): Laputa, Balbinbarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan. Laputa: the floating island, scientific. Balbinbarbi: The isane counterpart of Laputa, under floating island. Glubbdubdrib: The island of historical figures, (Julius Caeser). Luggnagg: The island of reality. He then goes to Japan to England. Synopsis continued… Once he returns he goes on another journey to the country of Houyhnhnms. Because his crew locks him up in the cabin, they crash into the this country. The inhabitant are rational thinking horse, whose servants are human beings called yahoos. The horses appreciate Gulliver, but call him out as a yahoo. They banish Gulliver who agrees. He makes a canoe an then meets and Irish crew who returns him home from his final journey. Summary Synopsis Continued… Gulliver’s Travels Luemul Gulliver, has accidentally found four mythical areas: Lilliput, Brobdingnag, and the islands of Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib, and Japan, and the country of the Houyhnhnms.
Gulliver found this area when the ship he was a surgeon, crashed and scattered. Gulliver went to Lilliput, what made this area so special was that Gulliver became a giant, and he lived among tiny Liliputians. He meets the king and mainly helps the island out. He then leaves Lilliput and returns back to Nottinghamshire, England. Where he goes back to his children and his wife. Synopsis Tanuj Prajapati Jonathan Swift What was the name of this island & what voyage did Gulliver discovered the island of the historic figures?
Nottinghamshire, Voyage 4
Lilliput, Voyage 1
Glubbdubdrib, Voyage 3
The Unknown Island, Voyage 5 Trivia 1) The Island of the Small is ______.
d)Nottinghamshire Trivia Gulliver’s Travels The other part.
Don’t worry there will be food at the end!
 Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift Most of Jonathan’s books were inspired by his wife, Ester, also known as Stella.
He died on October 19, 1745. He was 77 years old, and died in Dublin, Ireland. Biography continued… Jonathan Swift At the age of 14, Jonathan starts his scholar studies at Trinity College in Dublin. He achieved his Bachelor of Arts degree, and went to achieve his master’s. Extra Fun Fact:
Jonathan life went to a rigorous private school setting a challenge, but he made the new friend which was William Congreve, the future poet and playwright. Biography continued… Jonathan Swift His mother was unable to handle the children in her state, so she handed the children to Godwin Swift(the uncle).
Godwin enrolled his child to the Kilkenny Grammar School (1674-1682), the best school in Ireland at the time. Biography continued… Jonathan Swift Mother could barely keep Jonathan, and his sister, alive because he shortage of money after the father died. Later they found out that Jonathan was suffering from Meniere's Disease, a condition of the inner ear that leaves the afflicted nauseous and hard of hearing. He was born on November 30th, of 1667, in Dublin, Ireland
He was born fatherless, because his father died two months before Jonathan came. Father’s name was Jonathan Swift I. Biography Gulliver’s Travels He ignores his wife, and then going on another voyage, to the island of Brobdingnag(on accident). In this island the tables turn. Gulliver is now the small guy while everyone is giant. He again, meets the king and is protected by a family’s daughter named Glumdaditch. After numerous of weeks, he returns to England. Synopsis Continued… Jonathan Swift Extra Fun Fact: After Ester died, Swift has had a lock of her hair.
He has wrote: Gulliver’s Travels, A Modest Proposal, A Journal to Stella, Drapier’s Letters, The Battle of the Books, An Argument Against Abolishing Christianity and A Tale of a Tub. He moved to England when the king of Ireland got overthrown. In 1688, he started working in the Sir William Temple for 10 years. He met his future wife, Ester Johnson, at the temple, at the age of 8. He tutor her till she was the age for marriage. Biography continued… Where did Jonathan go to school when Jonathan was 7 years of age?
a) Trinity
b) Kilkenny Grammar School
c) Kilkenny Mathematics School
d) None of the above, he was home schooled Trivia Written by Jonathan Swift
Written & Published 1726 Little Background Info Did you notice anything strange about this presentation?
You have 10-12 seconds to think about it. Times up! You must not of
noticed! But the answer is the
size of the two sections, Jonathan's Part was microscopic (in a sense), while Gulliver's Part was titanic (just using some vocab).
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