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Andi Thomas

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of CASEMIS 101

Check with your Case Managers to make sure all students are marked correctly in SEIS.
Pending Students will never be reported.
Check your homepage.
Review Student's Eligibility
Prepare Ahead
The CASEMIS Season
After the Release of CASEMIS Software
CASEMIS Report Day
Check your homepage-weekly.
SELPA/District/Site Staff should be sending reminders.
Any IEP over 7 days, run a CASEMIS Error check.
The more IEPs affirmed, the less CASEMIS Errors.
Unaffirmed IEPs
Make sure people are logging on.
Email reminders to users who haven't logged on in a while.
Users can't fix what they don't see.
Check Staff Logins
Check your 30 day and 75 day alerts.
Check the Upcoming Initial Evaluations.
Email the IEP team right from SEIS.
Keep Site level users involved.
Do monthly reports for staff.
Overdue IEPs
Utilize the Email Library in SEIS.
Send emails to a group of user types or an IEP team.
Storing emails as templates save you time.
New Items
Quick and easy.
Make them eye catching by using pictures or animations.
Multiple news items can be visible at one time.
Display different news items for different user levels.
Email and News Items
Populating the New Field
How do we populate the new field?
What information do we need?
When will this information be populated?
Who is going to do the work?

Notify your users of this new field by using a News Item.
New CASEMIS Fields
These fields were added in 2010.
In 2013, any blanks for students 16 years and older will be an error.
CASEMIS only takes the age of the student at the time of CASEMIS into consideration.
Tran Reg Fields
Who will be running these reports?
Run the 4 “Canned” duplicate student searches in SEIS
Duplicates by Last/First Name & DOB
Duplicates by DOB
Duplicates by Street Addresses
Duplicate SSIDs

Download the new CASEMIS software ASAP
Do not open the csv files created by SEIS, choose Save, not Open
If you re-name, include the extension “.csv”
Example: ABCTableA.csv
Run those Reports
Type a note or message to staff (homepage notification).
Uploading Errors to SEIS
Click the link on the homepage to correct CASEMIS errors.
Correcting Errors
The next morning (Dec 2 or July 1):
Designated SELPA user runs tables through the CASEMIS Software and uploads errors
Select “Have users work on the CASEMIS copy of the data ONLY”
Fix errors and re-download tablesrun through CASEMISupload errors to SEIS DAILY!!
Staff can continue enter in NEW data/IEPs into SEIS and not effect the copy of the report
Work on the COPY ONLY
Correcting Errors:
Users are NOT working on the live SEIS data.
Changes made to the COPY are NOT made to the live SEIS data.
Duplicate Services : Require the user to DELETE the service off of the report Marking DNR in the LIVE data will NOT fix the error on the copy of the report.
Working on the Copy
These are a few common errors that differ between SEIS and CASEMIS

E105 Duplicate Student: SEIS does not record this error, as errors in SEIS are done student by student where CASEMIS pulls in the entire District/SELPA file to compare. This error is typically only visible to SELPA level users on the homepage error list as the duplicate student records may be in 2 different districts within the same SELPA.

E200 No Current Services Listed for student: Students may have services listed in SEIS/IEP form but when it comes to pulling services out of SEIS for the CASEMIS report, only services with a start date on or before the report date get pulled in. Also, ESY services do not get reported to CASEMIS. Services must be listed in the current services section of the IEP.

E211 Duplicate Service: SEIS allows duplicate services whereas CASEMIS does not. The recommendation is to mark one as Do Not Report .

W909 and W910 Last IEP or Last Eval are overdue and E130 and E132 Future Dates: Any IEPs and/or Evaluations that are scheduled to be held between the date the SELPA/District starts running preliminary CASEMIS reports and the report date (June 30 or December 1) will show as overdue or future date until the IEP/Evaluation is held. If the IEP/Eval is scheduled to be held prior to the report date, these warnings or Errors will clear as that meeting is affirmed. If the IEP/Evaluation is not held come June 30th or December 1st, it will be reported as a valid ‘Warning’ or Error.

E167 Out of Reg Class % & E901: Start Date is Required for Services. These are errors only required for SEIS, not CASEMIS. Data entered here is housed in case there is a switch in fields reported (%IN vs. %OUT) and to accommodate listing duplicate services on IEPs yet allow automatic exception from being pulled in starting in new fiscal year/post report date.
Error Checks
CASEMIS Reporting on
Create a search at the SELPA level and share it.
Users need to run the search and fill in the blanks.
Once the information is entered the student will disappear from the search.
Instruct users to enter infor until their search list is empty.
Create this search:
Create Report
Upload Errors
Re-Run Report
Create Report
Upload Errors
Re-Run Report
District Level
Whatever you decide:
Inform your users.
Do NOT have both users upload errors.
Download the latest SEIS “Generating CASEMIS Reports” Manual
Run preliminary reports for June using the Dec software.
Services that ended the previous school year:
Review the records.
Remove old services that were dismissed last school year.
Continue any service still being provided.
Duplicate Services:
Displays Pending and Eligible students w/Duplicate services during the current fiscal year.
Bulk mark services DNR if applicable.
No Service Errors:
Displays Eligible students who do NOT have any services listed for the current fiscal year.
Reasons you might see student without services listed:
Service is listed in the ESY section of the IEP instead of the services section
ESY Services are NOT reported to CASEMIS
The service start date is after 12/1/2013. SEIS will exclude all services with a start date after 12/1/2013 for the December report
But Before the Report Date
Extract errors from CASEMIS Software
Preview the errors/warnings before exporting
Use the “To txt” option
Upload errors into SEIS
Do NOT check the box to work on the copy only…YET
Re-run reports and upload errors daily or every few days prior to the actual report date
Errors & Such:
Generate CASEMIS Report
Download Tables
Run them through CASEMIS Software (EXTRACT)
Upload Errors to SEIS
Save to .TXT
Preview File
Manage Homepage Notifications
DO NOT work on Copy...YET
Fix Those Errors
This is where you will what users you want to see the errors and have access to fix them.
Click to include warnings.
DO NOT CHECK THIS BOX PRIOR TO DECEMBER FIRST!!! This is where you will let users work on the copy of the report instead of live data when the time comes.
8am: Click button to run report
All day: Staff corrects errors
4pm: SEIS runs report runs all UPDATED info
4:30 (ish): Download tables, run through software, and upload errors
8am: Click button to run new report
8am: Download tables from yesterdays report, run through software, and upload errors.
All day: Staff corrects errors
4pm: SEIS runs report grabbing all UPDATED info
Sample CASEMIS Day Schedule
You are directed to this page where you can click on the View Record or Fix Errors icon to correct the CASEMIS error.
View Record: Displays for SELPA level users for all records that were transferred during the school year. Errors CAN NOT be fixed via the student record on transferred records. Errors must be fixed after the final report is created via the COPY of the CASEMIS Report.
Fix Error: Displays for all students you can fix errors on. Click the icon to fix the error for the student.
When correcting errors via the SEIS home page, remember to use the “Return to CASEMIS Errors Page” link on the Student Record tab after clearing out the errors. This is how you get those error notifications to disappear from the list of errors.
Dec 1 or June 30
Click this link to return to the list of errors and clear the errors that have been fixed
Errors are listed at the top of the page
Only the user whose account the Final report was created under can:
Add a record to the report
Mark an entire record DNR
Delete a record from the report
DLAY Report
CASEMIS requests a delay evaluation report
Summary includes any student w/code 90 in either A-30 Evldlay or A-31 Tbdlay
All students should have an explanation in the OtherEvldlay or OtherTbdlay reason fields
Additional Information:
Error will stay on report until SELPA generates a new report…

This means that even though you have cleared the error, you will continue to see it on the error listing until a new report is ran.
Don’t be alarmed if you see this and click the link only to find that you are error free.
These happen on errors where you create a new service or remove a service, both of those are things that add or remove from the tables, and until you re-run those tables through CASEMIS these errors will continue to display.
Thank You!!!
Welcome to an Error Free CASEMIS Report!!
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