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School Systems

No description

Gwynne Haskins

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of School Systems

Public School Education Problems
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Why Schools Should give out less homework to students
Standardized Testing cost a lot of money this year the PARCC test will cost Arapahoe over $50,000.
People believe that the results provided from the tests are worth the the cost.
But the test rests are not being used properly for they are being used to evaluate teachers for their pay rather than our education.
Should Standardized Testing should be Required or Optional?
Should There Be less Standardized Testing?
What is your specific problem?
The Specific problem in my claim is that students don't always understand a certain topic making them having to make a lesson plan not to only help themselves but to help their peers as well.
What is the important information to know?
Important information to know is students are struggling more and more each year. This might be because every year the learning goal and curriculum gets harder each year. Making students struggle more in harder subjects.
What is your stance? Why? (Share without being biased)
Students should be able to make up lesson plans based on what they need to learn.
What possible solutions exist for your peers? Public? Power?
As peers the possible solutions can be making lesson plans and listening to each student struggle not to only help a peer but to also understand it yourself. As the public learning the subject and getting help can succeed the student as he or she gets older and learns the rules of the real world. The public can help and learn from the students that are getting a higher education then they did as they where students.
Which solution is the most effective?
The solution towards the public is more effective because it develops the learner to understand more than the classroom can provide.
Why students should make lesson plans based on what they need to learn?
Why high school classes should start later
by Dane Gouin, Gwynne Haskins, Lauren Elledge, Robby Vaccaro, and Skylar Lahey
What is the Problem?
The amounts of home work given out is becoming unhealthy and unhelpful to students
In America today, Standardized Testing is a requirement throughout public schools in all states. Every year, schools demand students to take hours of testing for an overall score. The score is what helps schools get much needed funding and money. Scores are good, then a school gets more money, and vise verse for a school who does bad.
This type of testing has no direct impact on a students grade. With this information, students are much more likely to not try.
What is important to know?
Stress is becoming a large problem in day to day lives of students
The amount of sleep students are getting on average is unhealthy
"Big Issue"
I believe that Standardized Testing should be made optional for those who are willing to give an effort to help the school. I have this opinion because if a student is actually going to give an effort, then it will better impact a school. With this opinion, I understand that not all students aren't trying. But, for the some who don't, it can tremendously hurt a school.
What is the Problem?
High school classes are starting too early, and it is affecting teens health.

What is important to know?
Teens are not getting enough sleep and it is affecting there everyday lives. Such as with driving and test scores.

What is my Stance?
I am taking the side of more sleep. I have experienced classes starting early and later, with late starts. Most would agree that late starts are pretty great and students would want more of them.

What is my Stance?
Schools should be giving out less homework
What Can You Do?
Option 1:
Write Letters and talk to your Administrators and let your opinion be voiced about how you feel on the amounts of homework given out
Option 2:
Voice your opinions on social media and draw attention to your opinion on less homework
Option 3:
Create a group or club at school to gain support from your peers about the topic
What is the Specific Problem and Important Information?
My Stance
What possible solutions exist for your peers?
What Option Would Work the Best?
Option #1

Your Administrators want to hear your opinions and they want to make help you learn
they cannot help you learn unless they know what you need help on
What possible solutions exist for your peers? Public? Power?
Standardized tests waste a of teacher instructional time (Class time).
People believe that because the Chinese spend time on tests and are "excelling in education" we can do the same.
We aren't the Chinese. Just because it works for them doesn't mean it will work for us.


Option 1:
Talk to the head of Littleton Public Schools and ask why high school is starting so early. This would allow for a safe conversation.
Option 2:
Boycott School!!!!
Option 3:
Make a protest outside of your school and demand for school to start later.
Peers- Create a group or petition within a school to get recognition from the school.
Public- Let schools within a district start petitioning or striking against Standardized Testing.
Power- Representatives in multiple states can use this reasoning in their campaign, and eventually get it voted on.
Which solution is the most effective?
The most effective solution to make Standardized Testing optional will be to get someone in power advertise for this. If this happens, they could get this bill up to a position where it will be taken into effect. We need someone who has the power to introduce bills and laws for a state, or even country.
Standardized tests can stress and wear some of us out because of the tests length and tediousness.
Pro-test supporters argue that "students find the tests fair".
But that is only because we grew up with them.
Thank you for your time and attention

Have a Happy Day and...
you stay classy Arapahoe
What is your shared “big issue?”
The present day education system has many issues that need to be addressed, in order for the environment to be more smooth and sufficient.
Why does this issue matter to the class?
Everyone in this class is apart of a Education System. We have all experienced the topics brought up by us.
What important background information does your audience need to know?
The way that the school systems are set up now are harming students education more than helping them at this point
What are the different sub topics?
Too much homework is unhealthy for students
Standardized testing should be eliminated
Lesson plans should be tailored to students needs
Schools should start later so students can get a healthy amount of sleep
Standardized tests should be optional

Option 1 is the best option, because it allows for a civil talk with the head of Littleton Public Schools and it is safe.
Lets Discuss
What are some issues you guys see in OUR education system today?
What are your thought on the current education system in place?
What would you like to change about school?
How could changes upon schools be taken into affect?
As a student how do you think you can change education?
What Can you Do?
You can write to people in power such as government or school officials your opinion about standardized tests.
You can publicly voice your opinion about standardized tests on social media or out in public so that people hear what the students taking the tests think.
You can totally boycott the standardized tests like PARCC and MAP by not attending or having your parents opt you out.
Although we would all love to not have to take the tests there are consequences. You could get in trouble with your parents and school administration for ditching a test. Also the school get funded based on student performance on tests like PARCC.
Best option?
A combination of options 1 and 2 would be best because you would be able to let the larger picture know what is going on with standardized tests and also tell people in charge that there needs to be a change.
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