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Revision: Color Coding An Essay

No description

Justin Ray

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Revision: Color Coding An Essay

Color Coding: Initial Findings

Note the number of times you use each color in a given paragraph:

Which colors repeat? (Decide which colors should repeat-- e.g. Should yellow repeat several times in a paragraph?)
Which colors remain absent? (e.g. No red present in a paragraph where turquoise is present or no yellow present anywhere in the paragraph )

Color Coding: The Process Choose a sequence of colors
Yellow = topic sentence
Bright Green = supporting point
Turquoise = evidence
Red = analysis
Pink = link to main argument

Read through body paragraphs and code parts of paragraphs with coordinating color

Color Coding an Essay Visual representation of the analytic and organizational strength of your argument

Encourages writers to use word processing tools to highlight, coordinate, question, and reshape ideas Color Coding: Paragraph & Draft Benefits Allows you to see each element in your paragraph

Shows how/if each element of each paragraph is contributing something to your draft

Attests to the multiple elements that must be in-check to create a solid draft

Gives you an opportunity to bring elements back together after separating, testing, and rewriting to ensure that they offer a more solid draft or make room for further revision
Work Consulted "Workshop Assignment: Revising Long Write for
Publication." Mendhamboro.org. Mendham Borough Schools, 2013. Web. 18 April 2013. Color Coding An Essay Revision: Create a list of elements, from your draft, which you want to check for revision

Use the color coding as a way to help you go through your checklist

Separate paragraphs into groups and review each of the paragraph elements separately within their own group

Topic sentences - Yellow
By separating these sentences and reading them together (away from the paragraphs) you can see if your main ideas focus on your argument AND if your main ideas progress in a logical order Color Coding: Revision Checklist
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