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Publishing a journal article (I)

No description

m lim

on 28 October 2016

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Transcript of Publishing a journal article (I)

Publishing a journal article (1)
from: http://srem-mentoring.blogspot.ca/2012/06/ten-steps-to-publishing-your-article.html

: Choose a journal.

: Find a model article.

: Write an awesome introduction.

: Write up your literature review.

: Check your literature review to make sure it is effective.

: Write up your data analysis.

: Write your Conclusion

: Revise.

: Get feedback.

: Submit your article.

Then, re-submit, re-submit, re-submit until successful.
Search & Choose a Journal
Make a long list (check bibliography of your writing --journals cited there most likely are relevant, check databases in the library, ask around--your adviser, professors)
Identifying good fits (read abstracts, skim articles)
Investigate more (reputation, turnaround time, editorial board, publication frequency)
Pursue special opportunities (panel, special issue, CFP)
Turnaround time
(how to find out?):
by checking published articles -> printed essential dates if any
by checking the journals' websites
by sending a polite email to the editor-in-chief
Why important
(to know about turnaround time)
You cannot send an article to multiple outlets. Saving time.

International Development Planning Review
Urban Studies
Eastbound Journal
Area studies
Urban studies, sociology
communication. media.
social movements. places. spaces. middle east. asia.
globalization. network society. collective action. power. information.
Journal of Communication
Journalism: Theory, Praxis, and Critism
Journal of Media and Religion
Electronic Journal of Communication
International Journal of Communication
Information science
Journal of Contemporary Asia
Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land-en Vollenkunde
The Middle East Review of International Affairs Journal.
Journal of Indonesian Social and Cultural Anthropology

Journal of Global Information Science
Business & Information Systems Engineering Journal.
The International Information & Library Review,
1 year
reviews -> accept
accept with minor
accept with major (not always an option)
revise & resubmit (not always an option)
minimum :)
double blind (both reviewer & author are anonymous)
by two or more experts
good reviewers provide useful feedback not only criticisms... but there're always 'not-so-good' ones out there.
not a linear reading
a logical continuum or a plot line
questions & answers -> matched
introduction & conclusions -> matched

Rejected, why?
technical issues (length, references, style, grammatical problem)
doesn't fit the journal
overcrowded with ideas, lack focus
not adding anything new
the research is in doubt, not trustworthy
the writing sounds inexperienced
poorly structured
too local, too small, too insignificant
Empirical study
what is your research question?
how is your research question related to the current literature?
how will you use data to answer your research question?
You should be able to answer these questions & anyone that reads your paper should be able to answer these questions as well.
How to respond to reviewers' feedback

Read the Letter.
Create a table to list the revisions (reviewer, suggestions, response, check box)
Extract the suggestions from the reviewers' and editors' letters. Rewrite to your taste :)
Rearrange the suggestion for revision in a logical fashion (you can discuss with a colleague/a supervisor)
Outline how you will response
Make a revision plan
Revise accordingly
Translate your list to a response letter to the editor
Check everything, read over

personal examples
trying to 'read' like reviewers
basic information
Steps towards publishing a journal article
Where to publish?
- list your keywords
- identify dominant & related fields/areas
- identify top/reputable journals in those fields/areas
my studies
keywords ->
How long usually does it take to get published?
if you're publishing based on
Recommended reading:
Belcher, W.L.,
Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks
Silvia, P.J.,
How to Write a Lot.
It depends, but in general, it's a long process. Get ready for a long and bumpy road :p Oh well, sometimes it can be very smooth, too.
my note: while I don't really follow these steps, I admit that these steps are sensible, practical, and easy to follow.
rule of thumb is
reviews -> reject
peer-review results:
Beware of predatory journals
if they ask for publishing (or reviewing or other kind) fees, be suspicious
if the turnaround time is too fast, be suspicious
many of the so-called 'open access' journals are just money-making machines. check these urls for more info: http://scholarlyoa.com/2014/01/02/list-of-predatory-publishers-2014/ + http://scholarlyoa.com/individual-journals/
one of some easy methods to identify 'where':
It's not necessarily faster and easier to publish in low tier (less reputable) journals. Therefore, better shoot for top journals!
3 months
3 months
3 months
3 months
here are some possible reasons
Here is an example..... my own record
.....not always successful...
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