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Social Networking

No description

Grace Danielson

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Social Networking

Social Networking is an innovative and creative invention
Social networking... A major success and an addictive activity to create and do nowadays.

Social Networking
Social networking allows viewers online to learn about other people’s hobbies, information, specialties and ideas between people online, through interaction.
What does it do for us as a thriving society?
Now you may be wondering, how does social networking work? Well, it depends on the website. Usually they follow the following
How does it work?
How has social networking affected us?
Help prevent cyberbullying online!
By Ruben, McKayla, Marvel and Grace
Social Networking
How has social networking affected us?
How is social networking an innovation?
Social networking is an innovation because it redefined the purpose/meaning of communication. Back before you were not able to share media as efficently. Now we can.....

Communicate efficiently
Share images, music and other media faster and in a easier way
Meet new people over the internet
Communicate with people without having to meet them in real life
Learn new things
What are some of the features?
But... what is it exactly? How does it work? Who even created it?
Will technology change in the next 5 years?
Is social networking a success or failure?
Including socializing, communicating and learning more about each other.
The introduction of social networking changed our lives. It has opened a possibility for people to Cyberbully. It allows people to be a bully and be a mean citizen online and photos, information and security can be open if you don’t be cautious. The thing that makes cyberbulling so bad is that it is done anonymously. Unlike real life bullies, these one can put on a digital mask to hide their identity.
Communicating to your friends and family is a lot more easier. A click of mouse and you can ask your friends on the other side of the world a question!
You can make a better reputation online then before.
You can also express yourself better and make a better reputation online then before. Also finding a job is really easy now!
Yes! Technology will have great changes! Already they are looking into new ways to help solve common problems in our world today.
Social networking had become a great success because it is easy and it has great outcomes!
Social networking is a serious success! It is very popular among many and has become very frequent on the internet.
Many people have incorporated social networking into their daily lives.
What type of innovation is social networking?
Social Networking provides an easier way of communication for co-workers, instead of having to go on the phone and memorize a number, when one can search up a co-worker's name on Facebook and chat online. It allows everyone to do less work, rest more, and in certain aspects, it is also safer.
It may also be a safer way to ‘hang out’ with friends without the risk of kidnap or theft when one is walking on the street, ‘hanging out’ with a friend.
The user base for social networking is usually really dumb teenagers. These teenagers would usually talk in real life and send each other postcards and letters. Now they go on twitter or Facebook and say what they want there. Usually it is the most brainless stuff. But now there are adults on Facebook and twitter making it just that much mature. People also used to have to wait until they met with one of his friends again. Now on Facebook or Twitter they can talk 24/7.

Who is the user base for this product?
What value does social networking create for us?
What was used before social networking?
We are positive that in the next 5 years, in 2019-2020, a new technology whether it be for entertainment or a way to help us live, will be created. Already in the 21st century we have made major milestones in technology creating new and helpful inventions to help our society, so there is a real possibility that technology will change or be improved in the next 5 years!
Why is the concept significant?
Why is social networking significant??
Now that we know all about social networking, let's trace back and look at the history of social networking. In 1994, it all began. ‘Friends Unites’ was the 1st social networking website to become popular, all before year 2000.
But in year 2000, “.com” suffixes to web addresses grew in popularity and necessity for many businesses and various websites. In More social networking websites like Friendster, MySpace, LinkedIn, Linden Lab began to opened up. More people soon began to use social networks. By 2008, Facebook has more people using it than MySpace. Since then, the internet has sneaked its way into our lives and is now an essential part of it.
Social networking is significant because we can connect to friends and acquaintances without having to leave the house. It allows us to connect and ‘hang out’ with friends without leaving the comfort of your home.

Facebook Profile - Abby
Self image
The value of social networking is that it allows us to connect to people who are geographically distant. It allows humans to bond relationships with those who they cannot physically reach. In some ways, social networking allows us to be more aware of the environment around us as well as the people around us.
It develops understanding and listening skills because you’re looking at everyone’s post. Social Networking will definitely develop our people skills and raise awareness of the situations around us as well as what people think of themselves and other things so we are more self-aware of the people around us.
Hi my name is Abby.
My favorite hobbies are swimming, reading and watching Movies. I hate Mondays and I love Pizza!
Hey Amy!
Hey Greg!
I think...
Before the over dominance of social networking people wrote letters to each other.
People would have to know where people lived. Now on Facebook, people can chat without actually personally knowing them. People would also listen to music through phonograph or a Walkman. Now people go online to apps and websites like Youtube and GrooveShark. You can also share your own music online. Before people had to burn a CD and then share it with their friends. Now it’s a click away. They now have self building computer parts that people build for fun. Before people would just buy a full computer if they could afford it.

Now you can also share media, such as pictures, music, videos literature and much more.
Social media is a process model innovation because instead of having to go to the post office you can now instantly message someone. All you need is a internet connection and a device to share with. This makes it much more easier, affordable and more available to people. You can also send it anywhere in the world so you don't have to worry about loosing contact with people far away.
First you create a profile, which will include basic information about you, (age, name, gender, hobbies, images etc.) Then you can share and upload content, or find others content. Usually you have a voting system of some sort to like or dislike content. Remember: More profiles=More Community=More Content
Some of the features that are in social networking are:
Making a personal profile
Having small communities
Sharing projects, literature, music, art, photos and even programs
A like/dislike system
Free to use
Easy to access from anywhere in the world
Contact anyone in the world
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