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Chemical v. Physical Changes in Matter: How Can You

A visual depiction of the various types of everyday chemical and physical changes in matter!

andrea mangold

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Chemical v. Physical Changes in Matter: How Can You

Energy causes Change!
Physical Changes in Matter
Physical Change or
Chemical Change?
Energy is a transfer!
In a chemical change, a new
substance is created
A chemical change cannot be undone
Chemical changes create a new
Chemical changes cannot be undone
You can tell a chemical change
has happened
by using your senses
Chemical changes create heat, give off a gas, or leave something behind
Physical change can be undone
No new substance is created
in a physical change
The original substances stay
the same in a physical change
A physical change can be undone
potential energy
kinetic energy
solar energy
electrical energy
energy yet to be transferred
Nuclear energy
Chemical Changes in Matter
Can I see it?
Can I hear it?
Can I feel it?
Can I smell it?
Living things
need energy
In a physical change, no new substance is created.
solar cooker
What kind of change
(physical or chemical)
do you predict?
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