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Harriet The Spy

Book summary:)

Isabelle Lee

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Harriet The Spy

Harriet The Spy Chapter 1-5 In chapter one, Harriet meets Ole Golly's mother. Harriet writes bad notes about her. When she goes to school in Chapter 2, Harriet also writes bad things about her classmates on the bus. Harriet also goes to the Dei Santi's, Mrs. Plumber's, and other neighbors' such as Sport's houses to go spy on. On Chapter 5, the biggest event happens. When Harriet found out that Ole Golly had a boyfriend, she wondered about it and she found out what he looked like. Chapter 5-9 On Saturday night, Harriet followed Mr. Waldenstein and Ole Golly to the movies. When Mrs.Welsch discovers that Harriet is gone, she goes crazy and fires Ole Golly. At school, they were going to have a Christmas Pageant. Marion Hawthorne chose to be Christmas Dinner. Harriet got to be a onion. The next day, Harriet went to spy on the Robinsons, the Dei Santi's and Mrs.Plumbers. During spying in Mrs Plumber's house, she got discovered. Chapter 9-13 When the friends of Harriet and her play tag together, her notebook gets discovered. Her friends get mad at Harriet and tries to get revenge. Mrs. Welsch soon discovers about the notebook too. Harriet soon realizes that the kids are now planning to buil something because she saw that Sport has been carrying tools all day. When Harriet has been writing her name at the top of her paper, an incident happened. Rachel spilled ink all over Harriet like it was an accident. When Harriet was home, she took a bath and went to school again. When Harriet went to school and came back, she saw what the class was making, a house. A club called, "The Spy Catcher Club." Chapter 14 and beyond Characters Harriet Janie Sport Mrs.Plumber pretending Ole Golly Boy with the Purple Socks Marion Rachel Hennessy Pinky Whitehead ******************************************** * Certain characters like Beth Ellen aren't here. Places where Harriet has been Pinky Whitehead is the most disgusting thing I ever saw. Marion Hawthorne is a pain Who does Janie Gibbs thinks she's kidding? Is she really going to be a genius or a nutcase when she grows up? If Marion Hawthorne doesn't watch out she's going to grow up as a lady hitler. Harriet's PRIVATE notebook Harriet goes to Dr. Wagner to see if see if she was emotionally right and then went over to Janie's and accidentally spills her experiment on the floor. Janie gets mad and kicks Harriet out of the house. Harriet then goes to Sport's and hears some good news that Sport's dad sold his first book. Sport's dad invites Harriet to come to dinner with them but Sport says that Harriet can't come and makes Harriet leave his house. When Harriet gets home, she receives a note from Ole Golly. The note said that she had to apologize or tell more lies. At school, Harriet got to be Sixth Grade page editor. So she wrote on the paper the bad things she has in her notebook. She then writes a retraction for the things she wrote on the Sixth Grade page. When Harriet was walking across the river bank, she saw Janie and Sport. The, Harriet walked with them. The Spy Catcher Club Chocolate egg cream Harriet's Cake and milk Sport and Janie's favorite game
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