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Tour Plans

How to effectively use tour plan

Ben Jolley

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Tour Plans

What is a Tour Plan When is a Tour Plan Required? Who should fill out a Tour Plan BSA Tour Plan Tour Plans (680-014) should be filled out and submitted 21 day prior to the tour. The Tour Plan helps Unit Leaders to effectively evaluate their preparedness for upcoming activities.

Effective March 1, 2011, the Tour Plan (form 680-014) replaces the Tour Permit (form 34426 and Online Tour Permit.) Purpose The Tour Plan is designed to reinforce the leadership requirements of basic safety in Scouting – specifically two-deep leadership, transportation, aquatics, rappelling, and youth protection. The Tour Plan is a four-page document that can be filled out electronically and then printed for recording purposes. Units must complete a Tour Plan for every activity a unit undertakes and retain a permanent copy of this Tour Plan with their Chartered Organization for possible future reference. If a problem arises, Tour Plans may be requested for additional information.

Certain activities require a Tour Plan to be submitted to the Utah National Parks Council for review. These situations include:

1. Any activity which includes a trip of 500 miles or more (roundtrip) or extends outside of the Utah National Parks Council boundaries.

2. Any activity that is not conducted by the council or its districts and involves:
Shooting Sports/Firearms
Orientation Flights
Motor vehicles as part of program (snowmobiles, boating, etc.)

3. Activities that involve “High Adventure” or “High Risk” or “Elevated Risk” (examples would include: back country trips and trips more than 45 minutes from medical assistance.) The scout leader in charge of the tour and the committee chair should fill out the tour plan. Please do not list the Committee Chair as the first adult leader since he/she needs to sign as Committee Chair. These signatures must be from two different people. All tours require:
All leaders have current Youth Protection Training
At least one adult leader must have completed Weather Hazards Training

Special acitivity requirements:
1. Where swimming or boating is included in the program, Safe Swim Defense and/or Safety Afloat are to be followed. (At least one person must be current in CPR/AED from any recognized agency to meet Safety Afloat and Climb On Safely guidelines.)

2. If climbing/rappelling is included, then Climb On Safely must be followed.

Many of these trainings are available online at: https://myscouting.scouting.org

Basic First Aid is recommended for all tours, and Wilderness First Aid is recommended for all backcountry tours. Training Required for a Tour Plan Submitting When the review is complete, the second half of the plan is returned to you to carry on your travels. Plans may be submitted in the following ways:
In person at any Utah National Parks Council Service Center
By faxing the Tour Plan (all pages) to 801-437-6239
Emailing the completed document to tourplans@utahscouts.org
In May we will be able to submit tour plans online Scout Committe Chair Signature Adult Leader Signature Vehicle Insurance Trained Adults Critical Portion of the Tour Plan: Itenerary (where you plan to be) Guidelines Pledge Plan requires some of the same information for the council approval. Please submit all plans to the following email address for the stake to keep records of the tours: springvilleweststaketourplans@hotmail.com
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