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ELT 1100 project

No description

elt1100f elt1100

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of ELT 1100 project

Average fee of the plans=40000 37457 death in 2006 Outcome to the company 10 million !!!!! Cost 3000 income 5000-10000 5000-10000 2000 10000 average cost=35000 37457*5%~2000 pre-tax profit=9 million Other Cost=1 million Future Expectation 24832 in 1982.
37457 in 2006 sales incrase after 5 years (about 8%) 32 million after 5 years??? Benefit to community 2% growth in death rate each year Marketing Strategies (4Ps) Product (Service) Quality cost Price reference price = ? Place
Service 1
Planning trips visit the shops selling coffin visit the cemetery Consultation --> Service 11
Funeral service Starting point
a) with planning b)without planning 1. Death registry register for the death certificate 11. Details of the funeral venue --date --rites --decoration --make-up --$$ OUTSOURCING!! 111. Order needed material --wood coffin VS --paper coffin
environmental issue* --grave and gravestone interment cremation Service 111
Counselling When a person passes away,
what the family will go through ?? One-stop funeral service?? Providers:
owners of funeral parlor
administrators of tomb
priest/ monk
a lot more..... 6 funeral parlor licensees in HK R.I.P Strength:
•Find and contact customers actively
•Providing all-in-one services
•Develop the strong network with insurance agencies and lawyer firms
•No rich experience
•Price is higher than other companies
•No place to hold the ceremonies
•Citizens are chasing convenience
•Providing all-in-one service is the trend in the world
•Customers are willing to pay higher
•The numbers of death is increasing
•No brand loyalty
•The companies will face the shortage of workers
•Parts of people are still conservative
SWOT Analysis Target Market:
All citizens in HK
Potebtial Customers:
Mid-level families R.I.P one-stop funeral service THANK YOU Q A SESSION
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