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IDT 7052 Project 3

No description

Chastity Pegues

on 30 May 2015

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Transcript of IDT 7052 Project 3

May 29, 2015
Project 3
IDT 7052
What I used to think:
Design Essentials
Robert Gagne
Edgar Dale
Instructional Design

Chastity Pegues
Concepts I've Learned
What I Think Now...
Develop skills that will allow me to design instructional material that will allow for diverse learning within a learning environment
Design instruction that incorporates the three types of learning: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic
The Future of ID&T
The consistent changing of the definition of IDT shows that the field itself is expanding and is requiring more effective ways to introduce/incorporate media and technology into the learning environment.
Instructional Design
was just the process of
creating lessons for
effective learning.
Influential Theorists
B.F Skinner Operant Conditioning Theory
Robert Gagne- Conditions of Learning
Jerome Bruner- Discovery Learning
Robert Gagne
B.F Skinner
Jerome Bruner
Instructional Design & Technology is incorporating media and creative education into the learning environment to encourage understanding of presented material and ease of access to instructional resources. Design implies that one must create instruction that encourages learning at the pace and understanding of the learner.
My IDT Plans
Redesign training courses for Higher Education employees and Corporate employees to better suit the needs of the company
Instruction Design Models and Theories-eLearning Industry (eLearning Industry RSS)

Google Images

Technology and Beyond
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