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Unkown Soldier

No description

Misha Goforth

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Unkown Soldier

Unknown Soldier This memorial honors all
of the Canadian soldiers who die in battle and
their remains cannot be identified. In May 2000, the remains of the unknown soldier from WWI were brought from France to Canada. A ceremony was held and the remains were buried in a special tomb in front of the National War Memorial in Ottawa. Age: Unknown
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Soldier Canada is another country that has a special monument. The unknown soldier that is buried in this memorial died in the battle of Vimy Ridge in WWI, and was buried in a British Cemetary in France, before the remains were moved to Canada. In 2000, the Commonwealth War Graves
Commission of Canada went to
the graveyard and chose from the
1603 unknown Canadian graves. This is the original headstone
of the unknown soldier in France Since the first Rememberence day following the ceremonial burying, it has become a tradition to visit the tomb and leave poppiea, cut flowers, photographs, or letters to the deceased Many other countries honor their unknown soldiers in
the same way. Australia Spain Serbia Egypt Venezuela The idea of honoring unknown fallen sodiers with
commemorative monuments started in 1916 in Britian,
by Peyton Thomas.
Thomas was serving as a champlain in the British army. Thomas noticed a grave marked by a rough cross with writing in pencil that said
"An Unknown British Soldier"
So he proposed the idea of a special monument to be created in honor of this soldier and all other unknown soldiers. And so, following WWI, a tomb was created to commemorate all unknown soldiers. The tomb held the remains of one soldier that represented the other thousands of men. This idea spread in the years to come, and now these memorials are found in many countries accross the world. All of the unknown soldiers made their contribution to Canada by dying to protect their country.
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