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Raise and Extract

No description

Mackenzie Hooker

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Raise and Extract

Life cycle of a Soccer ball
The panels of a soccer ball are created by laminating different layers of cotton and polyester together. The rubber shell on the inside of the ball is created by mixing different chemicals with the rubber. It was then figured out that heating rubber with sulfur results with a stronger more stable product. After created, the processors flatten it into sheets to allow it to be used in its many forms.
In order to create a soccer ball all the parts have to be brought together. All the layers of the polyester and cotton blends are laminated together. Then they are placed below the panels and above the rubber shell. The rubber shell in on the very inside of all the materials. Everything is securely kept together by either stitching, gluing, or thermally molding the panels together.
The way that they put everything together is by turning the ball and stitching it from the inside out. Once stitched the ball is reversed and the rubber ball in inserted then inflated to check for any holes.
Soccer balls are then shipped all over the world to be used by everyone for playing soccer.
Raise and Extract
The covering of a soccer ball is a combination of layers made of polyester and cotton blends.
Polyester is derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. The cotton blends are extracted from cotton plants.
The inside shell of the soccer ball that is created to hold in the air is made of latex rubber.
Latex is extracted from a tree in order to be used in rubber productions.
These soccer balls are then dumped into landfills that are already full. In order to avoid this people have started recycling soccer balls. Many different things can be created from recycled soccer ball materials.


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