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West Africa Project

Group A, Section 5.1/5.2


on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of West Africa Project

Many people such as the Nok created new advancements in warfare and farming because of this iron. (More food, etc.)
Geography of West Africa
1. Second largest continent in the world
2. Mountains extend along rifts.
3. Rivers provided many many benefits to Africa and its civilizations.
4. Four different regions make up the area surrounding the Niger river which has many impacts on the civilizations there.
A Summary of West Africa
Africa's Resources
Technology and Trade in West Africa
Around 500 B.C, West Africa discovered how to heat up rocks to create iron tools.
Ricky M.
Chapter 5.1/5.2
By Evan Meraz,
Nicholas Sims,
Nicholas Ho,
Zack Dietl,
and Ricky McLewee.
Traders also started to use camels to transport goods across the desert. Camels needed less water/ resources than horses.
Camels carried resources such as salt to the south to trade for gold.
Many cities rose to power because of trade. (Timbuktu).
Families and Religion
Families in West Africa were always extended families (everyone related to you)
Everyone in the family, including children and the old, had to have a certain task.
Men had to hunt and farm, women collected wood, grain, carried water, cared for children, and also farmed. Elders led in religious duties, and children worked with adults when they were able to.
West Africa, the second largest continent in the world, has a variety of climates.
Different physical geographies include the Sahara, savanna, and rain forest.
West Africa thrived using resources such as minerals, crops, and medicine
Used many natural resources for survival:
1. Minerals
2. Crops
3. Medicine
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West Africa, the second largest continent in the world, has a variety of climates.
Three types of geography in Africa. Sahara, savanna, and rainforest.
Had resources such as kola nuts, minerals, salt, crops, and medicine.
Many advances in trade, tools, and warfare because of iron tools and more advances like camels.
Produced Kola Nuts
Some More Resources
Built many items out of minerals.
Different vegetation was impacted by the climates.
sup guys whats up
Thank you for listening to our speech!

West Africans had a traditional belief that the spirits of dead ancestors watched your family, and that to honor them, you had to place special statues in specially marked sacred spot.
West Africans also believed that everything has a spirit, such as animals, plants, and water. This belief is called animism
Iron- was used to make more durable tools.
Salt- brought from the north to the south and traded for gold.
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