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Ta-seen Tasnimul

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Ebenezer

Made By :Tasnimul Ta-seen
What Is Ebenezer ?
Ebenezer, also known as New Ebenezer, is a ghost town in Effingham County, Georgia, United States, along the banks of Ebenezer Creek.
Ebenezer is located in Effingham, about twenty-five miles northwest of Savannah and on the bank of Ebenezer Creek.
They moved to the new location because of all the diseases and the infertile soil.
Because of the new location they were successful in growing many plants.
Location of Ebenezer and why
The Georgia Salzburgers, a group of German-speaking Protestant colonists, founded the town of Ebenezer in what is now Known as Effingham County. in 1734, the group received support from King George II of England and the Georgia Trustees after being expelled from its home in the Catholic principality of Salzburger (in present-day Austria). The Salzburgers survived extreme hardships in both Europe and Georgia to establish a prosperous and culturally unique community.
1734 - came to Georgia after being expelled from Germany / Austria for not being Catholic.
Protestants who wanted religious freedom.
Created the town of Ebenezer, but was too swampy to survive.
Relocated to the town of New Ebenezer along Savannah River became a very religious community.
Trustees liked the hard working Salzburgers because they did not like slavery or alcohol which were rules the colonists had to live by.

The End
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