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Youth in Action - R_U_Online?

Description of Youth in Action Programme, its priorities and working ways

Paavo Pyykkönen

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Youth in Action - R_U_Online?

Youth in Action It's an EU programme for young people. Where's Malta? I had to insert Iceland. Belarus? Young people from The Netherlands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Poland, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey can take part in any project types of the programme. Adults working with young people can take part in some, but they help young people. Young people and youth workers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, The Palestine Territory, Morocco, Syria and Tunisia can take part in some project types with European partners. There are many understandings. Geographical. Political. Historical. Economical. In people's attitudes. In laws.
YiA gives you an opportunity to learn about Europe. But why does Youth in Action exist? So that young people could get active and learn about stuff. Errr... But since EU gives
885 000 000 €
to spend on young people in Europe, it also gives you hints about topics to learn about. Priorities Means learning about Europe, EU and being an active citizen in your town, country and Europe European Citizenship Means learning ways of being active, taking part in shaping own world. And being and active participant in YiA projects Participation of y.p. Means learning about other European cultures, minority cultures and subcultures. Learning tolerance and understanding differences and similarities Cultural Diversity Means learning about different situations of European young people and giving EVERYONE a possibility to take part Inclusion of y.p. with fewer opportunities These topics are called And there's a lot of them This is Europe. Or at least one understanding of it. What is the theme for 2012?
What about next year? European Thematic Years Ideas for ending poverty, youth unemployment and exclusion. Including immigrant background kids, disabled kids, Roma kids in projects YiA. Inclusive Growth Got a new idea? Try it out. Look out of the box. Don't just sit, put ideas in action. Creativity, Initiative and Entrepreneurship To learn about healthy life, finding information on health and changing life into active by sports and outdoor activities Healthy Lifestyles Learn about environment, sustainable solutions, ways of consumption, learning how to go green Sustainable Development So again,
why these topics? Nobody gets money for free. (sadly) EU wants to achieve something with this money. Youth in Action Programme has objectives to fulfil: YiA wants to achieve: A Europe with active citizens
A Europe where people show solidarity and tolerance towards difference
A Europe where citizens understand each other and cooperate
A Europe where youth services are high level
A Europe where youth work is international Europeans do it together. Do you see the idea behind? Young people make projects... They talk and learn about priorities... They become European, tolerant, cooperative, active, green, healthy... Europe becomes better too! Young people can apply mon€y for local and international projects in YiA Youth Exchanges 2 or more groups of young people from different countries meet They pick a topic and learn about it through fun activities Youth Initiatives A group of at least 4 young people want to make a project to change something They carry out a project that benefits others and provokes active participation
They work on local or national level National Examples What if it was you?
A project where young people can tell what it is like to be excluded and how to survive National Be Brave
A project to stop bullying of homosexuals in sports and hobbies. http://www.pohjalta.fi/ http://www.uskalla.fi/ Examples Creative Recycling
A project where young learn about trash, recycling and consuming.

And do creative things, involve others and work together. Youth Democracy Projects Youth Initiatives At least 2 groups 4 young people from at least 2 countries do an initiative together They work with similar projects in their countries or come up to do a big activity together Trans-national Examples Brushing Up Internet Safety
A project where young people in different countries use toothbrushes to spread information about internet safety (Trans-)national Soundscape Lithuania
A project where young people recorded sounds in different parts of their countries to create understanding of different areas in Lithuania. Why not around Europe? http://www.facebook.com/brushingupinternetsafety http://www.soundscape.lt/ Democracy projects help young people to understand decision making, democracy, involve decision makers and learn from each other 2 groups + 2 groups = 1 project National Youth Meetings & Transnational Youth Seminars Projects bring together young people and decision makers to talk about important matters. A way for young people to make their voice heard to those who make decisions for their lives European Voluntary Service Young people can go abroad to work voluntarily in a non-profit organisation.
They can go alone or in a group
They are 18-30 years old, sometimes also 16-17 years old
They work abroad 2-12 months, sometimes btw 2 weeks - 2 months
They have free housing, free food, free local transport, free insurance, free language support and pocket money to use For Youth Workers Adults active with young people can also apply for projects
The projects should link to building quality in youth work or aiming for new projects with young people
Youth workers can learn from each others, have deeper insight to topics and find partner organisations for projects Job Shadowing
Feasibility Visit
Study Visit
Evaluation Seminar
Training Course
Partnership Building Activity
Networking Yesterday's ideas - worth trying at home? You were dealing with these priorities: Sustainable
Development Healthy
Lifestyle Poverty and
Exclusion: Youth Unemployment Innovation and Creativity Did you find partners?
Got a nice idea?

Apply for money February 1, 2013
(or May 1, or October 1) - you can apply 3 times a year It's our Europe. It's our world. We can make it better. Project by project. People by people. Challenge yourself Cooperate equally with all partners Participate in all stages And you'll be fine. Common understanding. Available for neighbouring countries! Available for neighbouring countries! Make noise about your project.
Tell others. How? What? When?
Who? Is it difficult? Yes. No. Well. You decide.
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