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“Keep your identity small.” — Paul Graham

No description

Asya Çiğdem

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of “Keep your identity small.” — Paul Graham

“Keep your identity small.” — Paul Graham
Identity is a core and unavoidable part of all our lives. Our actions shape our identity, and in turn, our identity shapes our actions. Trying to pretend that identity doesn’t matter may make you feel better about yourself, but it won’t affect how others see you, and how their perceptions shape their actions.
Identity comes from choice; choice comes from identity.
Yes, she was indeed fragile at this time last year. A part-time yoga teacher and full-time nothing, still recovering from a recent heart surgery. Even though she was terrified and doubtful and in her darkest moments, quite sure she was making an incredible, life-altering mistake, it was time. To. Go.
She had a vague inkling that she wanted to move to Italy, where she had felt enlivened and yet relaxed on the many trips her husband and she had made to his hometown. She had a clear vision of a life that was more easeful, more balanced, and more light-hearted than the one she was currently living. From the depths of her being she believed, and still believe, that her heart damage was caused by ignoring her bliss and silencing the call of her heart (although her cardiologists had a different diagnosis).
April 8, 2013 was the last day of my aunt former life. The life where she was a managing partner and the director of events for a big, swanky, successful nightclub. The life kept three pairs of high heels under her desk for easy access before meetings. The life where she brains was rife with details like how many mini cupcakes are needed for this celebrity’s birthday.
Sitting here one year later she truly does not recognize her former life. In a year’s time, quite literally every aspect of her life has changed — for the better. She is finally on her path. The path that was calling out to her but being ignored, suppressed and shushed for so very long. A path of learning and teaching yoga. A path of joining, building, and leading communities. A path of openhearted acceptance for herself and others and a leaning away from material concerns. A path on which she feel at ease. Sure of her overall direction, if not every individual twist and turn.
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