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My educational trip to Jerudong park medical centre :D


faeizal ko

on 30 June 2011

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Transcript of My educational trip to Jerudong park medical centre :D

Jerudong Park Medical Centre :D Jerduong park medical centre was built in 1989 Jerudong Park Medical Centre (JPMC) is a private specialist hospital in Brunei Darussalam. Situated in the scenic Jerudong Park area, located along the shores of the South China Sea. This it the Mri
it is stands for:Magnetic resonance imaging This is the level 2 ambulance at jerudong park medical center Execellence in health care The Centre is situated within the famous Jerudong Park area, and is located on the shores of the South China Sea with patient rooms facing an expanse of beautiful, private beaches nursing at jpmc is commited to providing quality health care that aims to improve,promote and protect the health of those utilising our services Mission: Department of nursing vision:
Nusing at jpmc is dedicated to a clinical governance model that angenders a shared approaches to health care Values: This how the MRI Works :D The entrance at Jpmc After the prestation Pg Rizam told us...
his Assistant malar escourt us to the Telemedicine
Telemedicine is A doctor talks with another doctor
using webcam's at the Entrance Pg Rizam showed us to the presentation room and telling about Jpmc History He also tell us about the Jpmc Ambulance He also Tell us about his partner from malaysia A BIG! Thanks to mr chris for accepting us! to go to Jpmc Her name is malar AND muhammad faeizal zhafrey bin mosidi
8B The End :D the doctor's said we were given into two group
because we were too many After we go to the mri we went to the to see the telemedicine the doctor the patient This is the gym whe headed there for
a few minutes There are discussing about how to
saving the patience life birth room she is talking how the baby live in the
mother tummy after that we went to the mri
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