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Conflicts In Romeo and Juliet

No description

Angie Ochoa

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of Conflicts In Romeo and Juliet

Act 3- Scene 2
Juliet has an internal conflict when she cant decide whether to be on Romeo's side or Tybalt's. Romeo killed Tybalt,whom is her cousin. But Romeo is her husband. She ends up siding with Romeo because she must be a good wife and support him and be on his side no matter what he does.
Conflicts In Romeo and Juliet
Act 1- scene 1
In scene 1, the monatgues and capulets servingmean break out in a fight. Benvolio try's to stop the fight but ends up fighting with Tybalt which causes an even bigger scene. Then the Capulets and the Montagues show up with swords and threaten each other, but then the Prince appears and stops the fight by telling them that if they don't stop he will kill them all.

Act 1- Scene 5
In scene 5, Romeo and Tybalt don't have such a good relationship, as Tybalt wants to kill Romeo for entering and crashing the Capulet party. In this scene, Tybalt technically starts the conflict, by wanting to fight with Romeo. Then the Capulets tell Tybalt to enjoy the party instead of making a bigger conflict.
Act 1- scene 2/3
Paris wants to marry Juliet. Mr.Capulet thinks he should wait 2 more years until she is ready. Paris disagrees by saying girls her age already have kids and they are very happy. Mr.Capulet still isn't sure about it. Mrs.Capulets thinks its a great idea so she goes off running to go tell Juliet and to convince her to say yes to the offer.
Act 2- Scene 3
In this scene Romeo is bragging to Friar about how he wants to marry Juliet, but Friar thinks otherwise. Friar believes Romeo should not marry Juliet so soon because he believes their marriage could end in a feud. One minute Romeo is in love with Rosaline, and the next he wants to marry Juliet.
Act 2- Scene 4
In this scene Tybalt and Romeo's conflict with each other grows by Tybalt sends a request to have a duel with Romeo. As Benvolio and Mercrutio discuss about it they believe that Romeo will accept the duel but end up losing and dying. which will be a bigger conflict because Juliet will be upset and she would probably kill herself because she love Romeo that much.
Act 2- Scene 6
Friar Lawrence tells them that he is happy for them because they are getting married. Then he tells them that he doesn't quite agree with what the are doing because he doesn't want them to get in a heat of trouble. That they will regret it once their parents find out what they are doing because they need to slow down cause they are taking things too fast.
Act 3 - Scene 1
In this scene many deaths occur. Tybalt comes to the area and starts to fight Mercrutio, but Romeo comes to stop the fight now that he has married Juliet. As, Romeo continues to stop the fight, Tybalt ends up stabbing Mercrutio, and he eventually dies. As Romeo seeks revenge on Tybalt, he runs after him and starts a duel with him, and eventually he does stab him and kills him.
Act 3- Scene 5
Romeo has to leave Verona that night and Juliet is upset about it because she doesn't want him to leave. Mr. Capulet tells her that she has to marry Paris because it will benefit them after what Tybalt has done. Juliet doesn't want to marry him so her father threatens her that if she doesn't he will kick her out of their house.
Act 4-Scene 1
As Paris asks Friar Lawrence to marry Juliet, Friar is hesitant to say yes because he is aware of Romeo's and Juliet's marriage. Juliet walks in and gives Paris the cold shoulder because she does not want marry him.
Act 4- Scene 5
The nurse finds Juliet on the bed and starts yelling thinking that Juliet has died. Peter, Romeo's servingmen sees Juliet and thinks she has died, but she didn't really die. Peter grabs his horse and runs to find Romeo even though Romeo hasn't gotten the letter from Friar Lawrence which will cause Romeo to go crazy.
Conflicts in Act 1
Conflicts in Act 3
Conflicts in Act 2
Act 4- Scene 3

Conflicts in Act 4
The conflict in this scene is that the Juliet's dad tells her that she is getting married with Paris on Thursday so she decides to drink the potion that friar lawrence gives her.

Conflicts in Act 5
Act 5-Scene 2
This specific conflict is when Friar Laurence's letter was not able to reach Romeo and he decides to go to the tomb and wait til Juliet wakes up to take her back to his cell, but Romeo thinks she is dead. This is a very hard internal conflict for Friar because now he has to make a fast hard decision about what he should do, but eventually goes to get Juliet at her tomb. But Romeo still thinks she is dead, so what does he do? He has set his mind on killing himself to be with Juliet.
Act 5- Scene 3
In this particular scene, this is when Romeo decides to kill himself and then Juliet kills herself. This is one of the biggest conflicts because it shows how much hatred the two families had for each other that Romeo and Juliet had to hide their love from there parents and it eventually led to their deaths.
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