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New France

No description

Holmesville student 15

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of New France

New France Found new France Fur Trading Relations with the 1st nations They became alliances
with the first nations.
They also traded with
them and some even married them.
Samuel de champlain Made lots of money First nations helped them find furs Travelled by ship Samuel De cahmplain often found
new lands and variety of lakes. loved to make money so they upped the prices
to make profit to invest money

Were important to fur trade and
convinced first nations to delver furs
right to there colony

Became part of the trading area found beaver pelts, raw materials, trade goods, and furs found new lands to find New France It was the mother Country It was the mother country Samuel Champlain built New France coures de bois was a big part
of the fur trade some of the resources they
traded were beavepelts
knives, Iron weapons and more. The information was pasted down the family from the elderly to the young ones The First Nations had to find Furs for the Europeans Samuel De Champlain found New France and helped them get into the Fur Trade
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