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General Presentation


Eric Pasi

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of General Presentation

Innovative Power Systems:
Solar Energy Presentation 11-4-13

Eric Pasi
What is Solar?
Solar Thermal
Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
Produces Electricity
Produces BTU's to offset heating costs
Can be used for space-heating and / or domestic hot water
Solar Thermal
Easy installation
Utility rebates available
Better return on investment
Cost advantage with year around hot water loads
Offsets natural gas which traditionally has higher volitility
Solar Advantages:
Lower operating costs

Return on investment < 5 yrs

Showcase "Green Stewardship"

Reduce environmental impact
How will this impact our roofs?
Structural engineering determines the method of attachment.
This may include:

Roof curbs (sheathed 2x4s)

Stand-offs (posts)

Ballasted trays (concrete blocks or brick; no roof penetrations)

Self-ballasting systems (<3 lbs/sqft)
Ballasted Trays
concrete blocks
Roof curbs
Thank you!
What are the costs?
30 collector system = 3
Minnesota Wildife Refuge Bloomington, MN
Who is Innovative Power Systems
& What Do They Do?

IPS is a licensed union electrical contractor
IPS is a specialty shop whose core competency is renewable energy systems & efficiency
IPS has completed over 500 systems since 1991 making us the most experienced company in the area
We evaluate properties for not only solar and wind opportunities but also efficiency measures such as updated lighting, HVAC, controls, etc to develop a comprehensive energy package for our clients.
Great River Energy HQ
Maple Grove, MN
Who is IPS
What is solar
Solar at MPA
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