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anteater and golden eagle


pierce hykaway

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of anteater and golden eagle

anteater and golden eagle niche by pierce Niche Golden eagle Anteater Golden eagles live in tundras , shrub lands and coniferous forests. They have sharp claws and becks to attack small animals. Some golden eagles migrate south and some stay. Golden eagles kill smaller animals. They fly around until they find there prey. It is a carnivore Anteaters live in dry tropical forests, rainforests, grasslands, and savannas. They have long tongues to reach in ant hills and sharp claws to open what they want to eat. Anteaters will defend there territory. It is also a carnivore. food chain and food web symbiotic relationships golden eagle anteater Parasitism with ants because anteaters benefit from eating them and the anteater destroys the ant hill. Food pyramid unintended consequences of human actions intended consequences of human actions Humans have hunted them for sport and trophy. future plans for protection and what actions can you or I take to help the animal golden eagle anteaters People need to stop hunting for them. Decrease hunting and pollution. anteater golden eagle food web ant anteater lion leave worm sun grasshopper mouse golden eagle food chain the end 2 anteater 1lion 60000 ants this sucked balls biomass golden eagle anteater 4.05 kg
155 km2 18 to 64 kg.
3.67km2 compare and contrast golden eagle anteater -is a bird
-can fly
-has a beck
-good eyesight
-lives all over the world
-weighs less -has a long mouth
-terrible eye sight
-lives in south America
-very heavy -have claws
-tend to stay in
there territory
-both carnivore grass anteaters People run over them and are affected by pollution. Commensalism with a farmer because the golden eagle eats the pests and is unharmed.
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