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02.03 Sharing With Uncle Sam

No description

elicia greer

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of 02.03 Sharing With Uncle Sam

2.03 Sharing With Uncle Sam
My Anti Views
People not in favor of the Constitution, also known as the ever so famous, Anti-Federalists, weren't so much against the Constitution but more concerned with improving it. One very prominent reason of why I am/ or would be an Anti-federalists is simply because the Constitution, even with revisions and additions leaves out some very important rights and laws that could improve America today. Some Anti- federalists go a little overboard in their request, I would like to believe I'm rather reasonable and ask for nothing but revision to progress. One major reason I support Anti- Federalism is the Bill of Rights. The Constitution was missing that one detail, to me that was the most important one. by missing such a document, the constitution was contradicting it-self. the bill of rights was telling the government, hey these people have personal freedom and certain right that you cant limit and cant force your governmental power on. the bill of rights enables a person to have an opinion, to be heard, to express themselves politically and in religion. without the anti federalists consistency for change, the country would be full of monarchy because we wouldn't be able to express ourselves in religion or something as simple as giving our opinion.

Gaining my Support
The reason I stand with anti-federalists is majorly because they were the smartest group of people when the constitution came out. federalists wanted to ratify the constitution without even doubting it, they didn't even consider it as being a problem or something that could be fixed. they believed in a government that was centralized, a government with full control over the states and the people in them. "Apure democracy can admit no cure for the mischiefs of faction. a common passion or interest will be felt by a majority, and there is nothing to check the inducements to sacrifice the weaker party. hence it is, that democracies have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have, in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths." anti federalists thought there was more to the nation, than what the government only granted the to do. they believed there should be more liberty, more rights and this is why they gain my support. federalists were desperate for rights and having the nation under control, so much to the point it didn't matter if they could have something better or if it could even bet better. they wanted rules and they wanted it fast. if we want to understand anti federalists and federalists a bit better to what goes on in the present we would have to put it as democrats and republicans. anti federalists would place themselves as democrats and republicans would be the federalists. democrats or anti federalists just felt that without certain rights and amendments the nation would come to devastation state by state. "The new constitution instead of being panacea or cure of every grievance so delusively represented by its advocates will be found upon examination like Pandora's Box, replete with every evil."

Federalists vs. Anti-Federalist
After all the fight as to who was right and who was wrong, there was a new picture to the album. This picture involved two different reasons with a respective solution. We can call it, the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. We can describe the Virginia plan as a rich selfish fat old man. Whatever the outcome was, it was just to benefit right fat old people only. In other words, the Virginia plan involved rich and greater states, the plan would only have an effect of rich and greater states. selfish huh? Well it happens to be that federalists supported this plan. "We may define a republic to be, or at least may bestow that name on, a government which derives all its power directly or indirectly from the great body of the people, an its administered by persons holding their offices during pleasure for a limited period, or during good behavior." Another reason why I would only support anti federalists.
Anti federalists didn't only want a better constitution because they WANTED it, they believed it was needed, not only in their benefit but in the benefit of the nation as a whole. it might seen that the prefix "anti" before federalists gives space for maybe rebellion, and it might seem like something bad and cause of trouble. many people think that what they wanted to do was bring down the government and the constitution. what they don't fully understand its that they, in their rebellion, were looking out for their future generations personal liberties, they wanted the states to have more power, they wanted the people to not be under what only the government permitted even if it went morally against their believes. "As long as we can preserve our unalienable rights, we are in safety."
"the objects of jurisdiction... are so numerous, and the shades of distinction between civil causes are oftentimes so slight, that it is more than probable that the state judicatories would be wholly superseded ; for in contests about jurisdiction, the federal court, as the most powerful, would ever prevail." This is why anti federalists focused on the bill of rights. they only wanted to fight, for power in the states, for a better nation. For what belonged to the people. Their rights. Their personal liberties.
In all, I stand strong in believing that Anti Federalists had the best in mind and positive intentions for our country. They were not selfish, they thought about everyone's rights and what everybody would need back then and right now. They had a strong mindset on what was essential in a persons life. They took their time unlike federalists. They wanted to make sure everything was set. They didn't want such a thing as to bring the government down or impose against the Constitution. they fought for our personal liberties and for power within each state. They just made everything better, and painted a better picture.
Who Are the People???
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