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Intercalary Chapter 11

No description

maddie evans

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Intercalary Chapter 11

By Haley Mehlenbacher
Intercalary Chapter 11
Grapes of Wrath
Overview of the Chapter:

When the farmers are forced to leave their houses, they lose their pride in their land. They go through a routine of working the land, and this process becomes redundant. The vacant houses return alive when the animals possess them.
Literary Devices
Steinbeck uses the device of symbolism to help the reader understand the connection between the farmers and their land. That connection goes from being faithful to broken. He uses horses and machines, specifically the tractor , to help describe the feeling and relation that the men feel. The wasting away of the houses contributes to the dying passion of the farmers. However the machines that die represent the life that the family take with them, leaving the farm to die.

Connection to the Joads
Although the intercalary chapters dont include the characters of the Joad family, there is still a reference to what they are experiencing. In this particular part of the story, the Joads feel the same emptiness that the farmers do. They are forced to leave their home, where their family has thrived for generations. As a result of this, their hearts as well as their land becomes void of the once familiar and comforting feeling of life.
Steinbecks style
Steinbeck uses the symbolism presented to depict one of the many themes of the novel. This is that, a farmer and his land have a relying relationship on each other. If one fails, the other will follow. The personification and metaphors help us as the readers to notice the details of this chapter and make the same conclusion.

"When the corrugated iron doors are shut, he goes home, and his home is not the land."
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