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Strangers Of The Coast


evan andrews

on 26 March 2010

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Transcript of Strangers Of The Coast

Strangers of the coast 1000 years ago in late summer Leif Ericsson took his ship to the west. They accidently found a land, it was
emerging right out of the water. Leif Ericsson's people were
from Scandinavia in the north of
Europe, and all European's feared
them. From Russia to the mediteranian sea the
went raiding in there longboats and there
sculpted bows pointing the way The word vikings was what they also called them,
the vikings were BOLD explorers too, whilst most European sailors wouldn't go farther then there own shore the vikings would go as far as Iceland. they decided to stay there
for it was much richer than greenland. 1 year later they made a bad discovery,
they found some strangers sleeping under kayaks,
they killed most of them but one of them made it
away. soon came tons of soldiers in kayaks
Thorvald's men faught them in their longboats
hiding behind a row of shields. a stroke of bad luck let an arrow
sqeeze in between the shields and strike
Thorvald, he right then and there he was goin to die. It was only a matter of time before the norse got scared off, anyways they were the first people to discover the land by exploration. about a year later a man named Thornfinn led a fleet of 250 men and women
to the new land they spent several years living in houses made of dirt, rocks soot etc. They survived by drinking
goat milk, wearing sheep skin
and eating the organic fruits. The winter was bad people grew hungry
sick they started fighting with eachother, they
soon found out about the natives, they faught. They soon left to go back
to Greenland. THE END...
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