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Feng Shui your Work Space: Creating Positive Energy

A fun, informative presentation which reveals how to create Feng Shui on your desk at work and in your office space.

Katherine Lind

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Feng Shui your Work Space: Creating Positive Energy

Create 'chi' or positive energy in a space where you spend the most time at work - your desk
The Art of Feng Shui
for the Office

Is work getting you down?

using the BAGUA map, surround your desk and office space with the five elements

BAGUA - A positive energy
used in modern forms of feng shui to find
areas lacking good 'chi'
BAGUA - 'the aspects of life' or 'eight aspirations'
Career Journey
Are co-workers messing with your chi?
Fame & Reputation
Growth, Teamwork, & New Beginnings
Knowledge & Skill Building
Business Relationships
Travel & Helpful People
Creative Expression
Feng Shui
Feng Shui
The art of Feng Shui has
been around for centuries and used
to create positive energy when building
a structure, in architecture, in the
home, in floral design, and now
in the office.
Growth, Teamwork, and New Beginnings
Knowledge & Skill Building

Business Relationships
Career Journey
Fame & Reputation
Productivity & Creative Expression

Travel & Helpful People
This renewed energy will promote a sense of balance
and stability
Once balance is achieved,
chi and harmony will follow
wood is the element of spring and the most human of the
Earth’s motion is patient, reliable, logical, governed by service and duty to others -
a pink or red flower on your desk will encourage successful business relationships
Water gives life; it's infinitely yielding, yet infinitely powerful. Place a computer here with a waterfall image on the desktop
The plant symbolizes growth & prosperity;
Front & center of a desk represents career journey & success
Fire is associated with dynamic and passionate energies; this area represents your reputation and character

Revitalize your creativity by placing metal items here - keep a creative project close by to work on
Encourage the presence of helpful people; keep projects, client files and a telephone here; this keeps one connected to people
and to work
Place a red lamp, business cards, or an award here
strengthen close relationships;
place a family picture
here for inspiration
The center of the desk must be free of clutter.
This area represents health & balance; energize it with symbols of earth such as stones or shells
Place learning & reference
materials to the left front
of the desk -

This area represents
wisdom & self cultivation
Everything is living, with universal energy, & is in constant motion
Open your mind to the possibility that everything is energy
Ask one of our representatives for a Feng Shui kit today
The Office of Training & Development
created by Pearl Lind
It's easy...
Everything is connected
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