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Vivian Lopez

on 16 July 2010

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Transcript of Vivian'sPortfolio

My name is Vivian Lopez, I have a degree in Industrial Design from Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia.
I am a motivated person in search of a position that allows me to grow professionally and personally.
I have been a lively, energetic and responsible employee that supported by a solid educational background, has brought creativity to the work environment
Table for kids made from wood with an acrylic top surface where children can draw with washable markers. The table has three jars and a drawer perfect to keep their art supplies in place and organized.
The combustion starts by placing wood pellets inside the glass jar.
Inspired in a fire ritual, this table transforms closed and cold spaces into warm and illuminated atmospheres.
The portable fire table can be used to light and warm different spaces.
The table, with its seating cushions and burning unit are made out of stainless steel, fabric and glass.
The user accommodates the cushions and starts the combustion in the burning unit using wood pellets.
The glass tray can be removed to clean the residues.
Using wood containers or pallets, the user can create beautiful home furniture.
Rocking chair inspired on music artist Moby and his record “Play”.
The chair gives the user a private and relaxing space during his/her resting time
Hanganizer is a personal organizer that helps to keep the studying area neat and organized.
Jackets, bags and pencils can be easily placed in this transportable organizer.
Its shape and color make the working area more attractive.
Wall clock made from laser cut thermoformed transparent acrylic and acrylic paint.
Natural shapes and colors serve as inspiration to design home accessories.
Makitost is a toaster inspired by the shape and color of a ladybug.
Fun and nutritive meals to stimulate the consumption of fruits and vegetables in young children population. The meals are composed by cookies and juice
The design of the packaging is inspired by the geometric shapes converted into characters
Character’s name: Nafus: Orange and Carrots.
Character’s name: Momic: Blackberry and Beet
Character’s name: Rody: Apple and Spinach
Never bike without your First aid kit in your seat.
Be prepared when traveling on roads where medical attention is not easily accessible.
The kit includes: rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, adhesive bandages, cotton swabs, adhesive tape and aspirin.
Trymont is a children tricycle designed using SolidWorks
Creation of Maxhis a company that develops products based on the analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis sativa plant and the characteristics of its fiber.
Maxhis purpose is to take advantage of the properties that the plant offers to improve one of the Colombian Agro- industries.
Dress, shoes and bag inspired by the shapes and colors of the 70's
Postal card inspired by the photographer David Lachapell
Vivian Lopez
1020 Walton Ave. #9F
Bronx - NY, 10452
(862) 520 9490

Product manufacturated by Maxhis.
A posture vest made of Cannabis cloth with Cannabis patches attached to the internal surface reduces back pain and improve the stability of shoulder complex. The vest can also promote erect trunk posture and maintain thoracic extension.
Canabiol and THC patches
Banner for free gift
Banner for Ego Homme a web site that sells êshave products
On line invitation for Holiday Shopping Party
E-mail blast for Holiday Value Sets
E-mail blast $100 Purchase
E-mail blast Holiday Value Sets
Poster for êshave store
Poster for Comtoir del Homme an êshave client
Shelf talker for Grand Opening Contest
Poster for January sale
êshave is an European company located in New York, that specializes in beauty industry.
This is some of the work I made at êshave
Juice Cookies
Cookies Juice
The cushions and the burning unit are stacked for carrying purposes.
Fun containers that can then be used as building blocks.
Little ones can have fun with the containers after enjoying a nutritional snack.
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