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Futuristic. Science fiction

Jackie McCracken

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Billennium

By: J.G. Ballard
1961 Billennium -In the future
-Over populated
-Urban influence
-Cubicle Setting Ward: -Selfless gentleman
-rule bender
-carefree, disengaged
Rossiter: -Ward's closest friend
-Worked in Insurance Department at City Hall and had access to the census statistics
Helen and Judith: -Friends of Ward and Rossiter
-Kicked out of their cubicle
-Rule breakers
-Took advantage of Ward and Rossister
- Character Analysis: Author's purpose: -The Berlin Wall was put up: confinement
-Cuban Missile Crisis
-JFK was assassinated
-Civil Right Movement Passed Historical Context: J.G. Ballard
-Born in 1930 in Shanghai, China.
-After Pearl Harbor attack, he was placed in civilian prison camp.
-In 1956, his first short story was published and he took a full time job as a technical journalist and then became the editor of a scientific journal.
-His influences: William S. Burroughs, Surrealism, Sigmund Freud, and Jean Genet. About the Author: The story was set in the future, with the world becoming extremely over populated, reaching 20 billion people. The people live in crowded controlled areas by the government. The story revolves around Ward and Rossiter and their discovery of a secret room, with space that they never thought they would have. Things become very complicated when they invite two of their friends into their space. Their once "sprawling" space ends up being the crowded area that they risked a lot to escape. Plot: -Sometimes you have to be selfish
-Do not take things for granted.
-You never know what is on the other side, so take chances.
*-The simple things in life are the most appreciated. Themes: -To entertain and inform the audience about the future and consequences of over population, which could turn into extinction. -The cubicle: Represents the amount of freedom the people have
-The amount of people: represents what the future holds. Symbolism: -Science Fiction
-Third Person Genre/Point of View: "It was only thirty yards away, but the throng moving down the street swept past like a river at full tide, crossing them from left to right. The first picture show at the stadium started at 9 o'clock, and people were setting off already to make sure of getting in." "Eight hundred million extra people in one year- just less than half the earth's total population in 1950."

"People will live anywhere. God, I don't know who I feel sorry for- you two, or the poor devil who'll be living in that cupboard." "It was a beautiful wardrobe, with out doubt, but when it was gone it would make the room seem even larger."
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