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My village - Clogherhead

No description

Caitlin McNeill

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of My village - Clogherhead

My village - Clogherhead
Best village of all time.

introduction to the village
Clogherhead is a fishing village in County Louth, Ireland. Located in a picturesque natural bay on the East Coast it is bordered by the villages of Annagassan to the north and Termonfeckin to the south.Termonfeckin locals have always felt jealous of the many wonderful facilities Clogherhead hold.
Where to find Clogherhead on the Map
The harbour
The harbour is one of the greatest facilities in clogherhead.It attracts hundreds of tourists every year. It is being constantly used 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Many of the worlds greatest trawlors park in the harbour owned by great fishermen for example Mr Barry Faulkner with his three beautys the 'celtics', Tomas Whelehan with 'Arc Angel',Niall Connoly with the 'Margaret Mary', the Kirwans with the 'Argonot' and Cecil Sharkey with the 'Endurance', off course this is just a tiny selection of all the wonderful boats that live at clogherhead.
The beautiful beach
The beach is another one of clogherheads great facilities.
Step 5
it is always important to know where the greatest village in the world is located. Good ould Clogher.
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