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Prezi Presentation

this will show you all that prezi is capable of

Clay Cole

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezi Presentation

PREZI! Well, Prezi is Presentation program Similar to powerpoint But this has motion... To make a Prezi there are some basics you need to know... This is the "Key" of the editor part.
This has ALL the tools you can use to edit.
You can find this in the top left corner. You can also add pictures...
To add a Picture look at the key and
Left-Click "Insert" After that press "Load File" and find your document(Image) you would like to put on here. Another important thing is "Path".
Path is the order the "Slides" go.
Example. I can have this message go first.
And, this one second. This one third. And this one Fourth with "Paths" To make a path click the "Path" button on your key.
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